Iffff we were to look for a coach who would be realistic targets?


but is Mamba coming?


Stay tuned!


Mohamed Bamba


Weekly check in. Yep, still good with Beilein guys.


Time to let this thread go, IMO. Beilein (rightfully) was never on the hotseat this season — and he’s definitely not going anywhere now.

Still, just let this thread close and drift to the nether regions of the message board.


I enjoy reminding the Beilein haters once a week though.


Cory I may come at these sorts of conversations with a different mind set, one where I am always thinking what if I were the CEO or in this case the AD.

I like coach as a person. I like him as a mentor. I like him as a teacher. But I also feel his best years did not parlay into landing instant impact players and more deep runs in the tourney.

That said he has turned it around and I could not be more happy.

Back to wearing my AD hat, if he had not I would always have a short list of potential candidates in mind. In fact I have friends that were part of hiring the current AD and Head Football Coach and I know with certainty that schools like Michigan always make sure they have options if things go in a direction they are not happy.


amazing this thread starts just 6 weeks ago. what an amazing 6 weeks.


You are so important, just enjoy the run nobody cares about your credentials this is a basketball forum for fans, enjoy the moment dude!!


Except when Lloyd stepped down.


They had targets just could not land either of them.


Lame. This thread was stupid. Any anxiety about Johnny B was ignorant. This comment about a “plan B” contingency–not relevant at the current juncture. We should just close this thread.


What a difference a year makes! :wink:


Many posts here have aged poorly, I’m sure if I looked through all of them I’d have several. This one probably aged the worse.


We need to dig up the thread that had people adamant that JB would never field a top-50 defense. How bout a top 20 one :eyes: with Duncan and Moe starting for half the season for good measure


I constantly flip back and forth between being so proud of last year’s team (especially the B1G tourny championship, of course) and so irked that it seemed like they could’ve been been elite 8 team, easily. JB had a death-machine of an offense, and I never wanted Walton’s miraculous year to end.That Oregon team was really good, though.


IMO, I think it was very fair to be concerned with the trajectory.of the program at that point. But Beilein’s change in defensive philosophy/D Walt’s explosion have really changed everything.


That comment was after our sudden turnaround FWIW


You know, it’s kind of funny this year. Last year we heard Donlon’s name a ton and credited him a ton for the defense’s turnaround.

This year? I feel like Yaklich’s name doesn’t get thrown around nearly as much as Donlon.

At the end of the day, Beilein is still the head man and he gets the credit (much deserved!). Only point of my post is to just chime in with a major kudos to Yaklich as well.


Donlon was specifically brought in and it was alluded to him being the DC of that team. Plus we were coming off a rougher year on D. I don’t know if it’s Yaklich or a continuation of some principles that were installed by Donlon and continued improved but seeing them get after it on defense is amazing. Kudos to all involved.