Iffff we were to look for a coach who would be realistic targets?

I am not sure its time but if it is who could UM realistically land as the next coach? I like Gregg Marshall of Wichita State and Mark Few of Gonzaga.

Don’t think Marshall and Few would leave. If they would, I’d imagine they’d have done so already.

My top 3:

  1. Chris Mack
  2. Larry Krystkowiak
  3. Archie Miller

First two are not all that likely though IMO due to being in good situations themselves.

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Add Holtmann and McDermott

I’d love Archie

Mack has the exact same resume as Beilein since 2010, but less tournament success. Better recruiter, worse at X and O. He is not an upgrade.

Much younger

I think he would be able to get alot more talent at MIchigan than he is at Xavier.

Archie Miller would be great

What makes you think that? By all accounts Michigan is not going to change their philosophy and get their hands dirty. I do think he would recruit marginally better but probably lack some coaching prowess in a league full of good young coaches.

Younger =/= Better

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Thats not the point…comparing JB’s resume near retirement to a 47 year old is dishonest.

How is that. They both were coaching well before 2010 and I am only comparing their resumes since 2010. 2 conference championships for each. 2 missed tournament seasons. Beilein has a final four and elite 8. Mack has 3 sweet 16 appearances. I will pass.

Michigan doesn’t have to get its hands dirty in order to recruit better. Not every high major prospect has a dirty recruitment. Some yes, but there are plenty that don’t. JB handcuffs himself with some of his own recruiting policies and still has gotten several top 50 guys. Someone like Mack can easily do better on the recruiting trail.

And what young coaches in the Big Ten are better than Mack? Collins, Pikiell, Miles, Chambers, Groce, and Pitino are all far less accomplished than Mack. Tournament success doesn’t really factor in for me. Single elimination tournaments are not really a good evaluative tool IMO.

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Disagree on Collins and Pitino. I actually think they will be on par with Mack down the road. They don’t have as much experience as he does currently.

As for tournaments, one is not a good indicator. 6 is a good indicator.

I agree would add them to the list in your order

Holtman yes not sure about McDermott

If you don’t understand why comparing a 47 year old coach to a 64 coach who has reinvented himself multiple times then there is nothing to discuss. You don’t take Mack as an equivalent to JB, you take him because his trajectory at 47 is absurd.

Bennet. Holtman. Mack. I would kick the tires on Marshall too but I find that to be doubtful.

And Mack has gone to the Sweet Sixteen in almost half of his seasons. All that at what was only a high major school within the last four seasons. He has 3 of hte school’s 7 total S16 appearances. Even by your parameters, he’s been very successful.

As for Collins and Pitino being on par with him, we don’t know that and it’ll take some time before either are viewed on an equal playing field as him. I mean, Pitino has yet ot have a winning record in conference since he’s been at Minnesota. It’s his fourth year and they’re still mediocre.

Disagree. Xavier’s previous coaches were Matta and Sean Miller. They were in a real good spot when he took over, hence his 2 conference championships were in his first 2 seasons. Hasn’t won a championship since. His trajectory is actually a little below the historical level for Xavier under Matta and Sean Miller.

And Pitino and Mack is not a fair comparison. Mack has been at Xavier for 8 years. Pitino is in his 4th year of a rebuild.