Iffff we were to look for a coach who would be realistic targets?


Really from where Michigan came from 10 years ago when Beilein took over. Do you remember Levert being hurt for 2 years. You have no clue!!!


You’re right we’re a mediocre team whose ceiling is close wins against bad teams and we aren’t capable of beating anyone by double digits


You nailed it. Calling people out needs to happen more when posters think their opinions are superior to others.


Because we have just beat Indiana twice, msu, and Purdue by double digits. Nice argument!!


Mine was complete sarcasm. Those were points made by others in the past this season when times were tough


Sorry!! Didn’t realize sarcasm. Just sick of Coach B haters.


He’s being sarcastic because MattR1 said we weren’t good enough to beat anyone by 20+ points.

Then we did.

Then he was too insecure to admit he was wrong and went hiding for a bit.

Now he pretends like he never said that.


If I went through this whole thread I’m sure I had a hot take or two on Beilein’s future. I’m just glad we’ve had such a dramatic improvement.


You’re a funny guy, Matt.


I started a thread about Beilein’s buy out this year and I’m a pretty optimistic dude lol


Great post


I guess this is as good a place as any for me to put this. I don’t post on here anymore. I really haven’t in quite some time. The reason is that I just get sick of reading the comments of those who would disparage our kids and constantly criticize our coach. So, let me just say, what a great win by our kids today! AND what a great coaching job by our coaching staff! Thanks, Derrick, Zac, Mark, Sean, and Andrew. You, the seniors, are very special young men. You are University of Michigan Basketball Players. You will graduate with a MICHIGAN degree! There are not many folks who can make that claim, a Michigan degree and a Michigan basketball player. Please understand that most of those who may criticize you have NO CLUE! You’ve had outstanding careers, and I am so proud of the players and young men that you have become. Thanks to everyone on this team for the GREAT team victory today! Thanks Coach B. You now have 501 wins in DIVISION I basketball. I dare say that those who criticize you probably don’t have 51 division I basketball victories COMBINED, but they love to be critical. This was a masterful job today by a coach who knows how to win, a coach who knows how to coach. Thanks to our assistants. You fellas are doing an outstanding job. Thanks for being part of this program. We had a great defensive scheme today, and I know that you, along with Coach B, are responsible for that. Mo Weezy, wow! Just WOW! Please come back. You know you want to! DJ, we got into foul trouble with our bigs, and coach B sent you in to defend the Purdue giants, and you acquitted yourself so well. To those who say you are not a five, well, you sure were today. No, check that, you were a BASKETBALL player. To MAAR, and Duncan, and X, thanks for a great game! I’m proud so of you, and I know many others are, too. And to those who show up at practice EVERYDAY and give everything you’ve got, whether you get much playing time or not, thanks! You’re special young men, performing a task that is very difficult. So, I’ll be criticized for saying folks shouldn’t come on here and criticize. That’s OK. I don’t care. I’m 70 years old. Yep, like someone on here called me, an “old man.” So your criticism doesn’t bother me. I’ve been a MICHIGAN Basketball fan since before many of you were born. Hell, I was coaching, and winning games, since before many of you were born. Criticize ME all you want. Just remember this, these kids and coaches give their HEART and SOUL everyday to MICHIGAN basketball. I am so proud of them. To those of you who, like me, try to be as positive as possible, thanks to you as well. I love reading your posts. I KNOW the kids appreciate your support. By the way, I also KNOW that Coach B doesn’t really care what his critics think. He really doesn’t. He just coaches, everyday, all year long. So, GREAT win! Let’s keep it rolling. We need this effort and enthusiasm every game. It can still be a very SPECIAL season. And even if it doesn’t rise to what some on here think is “special” just know that there are many of us on here who think YOU are very special! You are MICHIGAN BASKETBALL PLAYERS. Never forget what you’ve accomplished. Great win!


:+1::+1: :+1: I don’t post very often either just love the Michigan basketball program and as a fan there are ups and downs. Great post and I am hoping for a tremendous March. I know this staff and players will keep grinding the rest of the season. Those who stay will be Champions!! Go Blue!!


Given Beilein’s recent comments on the importance of 1-on-1 basketball, we now have a working definition of “dynamic”…e.g. the ability to break down one’s opponent off the dribble and get a good shot.


Seems kind of late to the party of you ask me. One guy working top of the key picks while the rest of the players stand still is not todays college basketball.


Congrats on another 20 win season and NCAA tournament appearance Coach Beilein!!!


I guess it’s true that you do need a dynamic playmaker to win on the road


Just checking in. I’m still good with Beilein, guys. Thanks.


I hear there is a guy who has never been an assistant and has over 500 career wins. Let’s get him.


John Groce.