Iffff we were to look for a coach who would be realistic targets?


I think a big part of it is personal. Matthews, Simpson, Teske and Livers are all good defenders who played little or no role last year.


Back to back banners for Coach Beilein!!


LOL. So… among posts that don’t age well…


Sometimes those CRAZY posts come back to haunt you! :grinning: Don’t know who started it, and don’t really care, but I’m sure glad I didn’t start it! But then, I couldn’t have started it because I LOVE Coach B!


Reading through this there’s also a lot of random Tony Bennett hate that looks dumb now.


So that’s now 4 of the last 7 years that JB has either won a regular season conference championship or a conference tournament championship. And one of the 3 years he didn’t, he made the national title game.


“Lol” - John Beilein


I wish my buddy AlbrechtShotFake was still here to tell me how Beilein could have coached this tournament better.


Pitino, Pitino, Pitino, Pitino, and Pitino (Dy-lan, Dy-lan, Dy-lan, Dy-lan, and Dy-lan) (greatest Chapelle skit of them all)


Basically, every year, as long as we don’t lose our backcourt to season-ending injury, we raise banners.



So tempting but I won’t go there . . .

Caught the game in person last night and that’s the best we have played all year IMO. Hope we can keep it going!


Is crow a dish best served “elite?”


i seriously wonder if Illinois would’ve be better off today if they did not part away from Bruce Weber. In contrast, Purdue has been fairly patient with Matt Painter during a 4-5 year stretch that they were not competitive.


They would be better. But they wouldn’t be good. They’d just be like Kansas St. Bubble team most years.

I think Underwood is a good coach, but I’m curious how he will do with the current situation. Obviously Groce was terrible there.


This and other Michigan forums were definitely pretty grim places to visit during the middle of the 2017 season. I never went so far as to call for a coaching change but I was definitely frustrated with the way we were playing, after starting the season strongly. But I kept the faith that we’d get better by season’s end, as we usually do under Beilein. We’ve got to always keep that in mind.


I just don’t think the players or coach owe me anything, honestly. They’re working hard in a very difficult landscape. We are wildly blessed. As a graduate I might feel more invested than most, but the notion that Beilein was failing in any larger sense was bunk. I mean, look at the record:

13-1 postseason last two years
4 of 6 last Sweet Sixteens
2 of 6 last Great Eights
One championship game with an asterisk beside the “winner”
Winning record over Izzo since third year in when he finally had his own players
3-0 last three over MSU with 50-point total margin of victory
Won last two B1G tourneys (8-0)
[what else do people have that I can add to this list?]

We are among the four or five most successful programs in the country, and have done it with three and four-stars, no cheating, and with one or two players annually going early to the NBA. You don’t expect fans to have a sense of proportion, but when they are pouring hatred into it? Embarrassing.

EDIT: Just reading the Tallahassee Democrat and they’re crowing about how it’s the third time in program HISTORY that FSU has made the Great Eight. Third time in six years for Beilein!
EDIT: Guess he was B1G champion or co-champ twice during that stretch as well.


It’s 8-0 in the last two BTTs actually (4-0 each year) but yeah - it’s a pretty nice résumé.

It seems that some fans don’t quite grasp that our offense is effective because it has so much complexity, but it takes time for the players to get comfortable enough in the system (and with each other) before they can take full advantage of all the options it has. That can mean some early struggles, but the payoff at the end can be awesome.


Agree; if you lose underclassmen to the NBA every year it makes the challenge tougher. I thought we had one more game in the tourney last year than this year, for some reason; will make the correction.


Only the bottom four teams have to play that first day. We’ve never been that low in the standings in this format.

Last year we played Illinois, Purdue, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

This year Iowa, Nebraska, MSU, Purdue.