Iffff we were to look for a coach who would be realistic targets?


What was McDermott’s highest offensive ranking when you take out the years his All-American level son played for him?


He had a top 10 kenpom offense THIS YEAR before Mo Watson went down. Was that a real question?


What was McDermott’s highest end of season offensive ranking when you take out the years his AA level son played for him?


If we credit McDermott for the one injury his team suffered this year, surely we must also factor in all the injuries (and NBA departures) for Beilein over the last couple years.


An objective fact isn’t “crediting” anyone or equivalent to some hypothetical you want to compare it to.


[quote=“guestavo1, post:139, topic:2298, full:true”]
An objective fact isn’t “crediting” anyone or equivalent to some hypothetical you want to compare it to.[/quote]

You’re right. He’s had one heck of a half season.


The question was pertaining to his offensive efficiency ranking, not whether he “had a heck of a season.” So no, I’m not right about whatever it is you are going on about since you’re jumping into a conversation clueless.


As opposed to a subjective fact?


I’m not interested in hearing your take on what a healthy Caris or McGary might have meant for JB. I was asked intended to be a “gotcha” moment and answered it with a response you and others did not like…so more and more qualifiers…with the intention of reducing McDermott’s Creighton career to one season lol.


For a guy who’s not interested in hearing anyone else’s takes and doesn’t value anyone else’s opinions, you spend a lot of time reading and posting here. Have a good one.


I definitely read and take in the opinions of certain posters…of which you aren’t one of them.


Still waiting.


You’ve already lost at your attempt at “gotcha.” You’ll keep waiting because I’m not playing the “keep adding qualifiers til I get the answer I want” game. If this season does not count nor any of the seasons with Doug then you’re essentially asking for total of two seasons…ask that initially instead of acting like a passive aggressive person who didn’t think their initial point over loooooool.


@guestavo1 @hailtoyourvictor Can either of you guys converse like a grown up? Instead of baiting someone to post a stat and posting troll images, why don’t you post the stat and make a coherent argument? Instead of posting condescending one-liners about x or y not being a poster you respect, how about you just let something go and realize other people are entitled to their opinion. Consider this a public warning for both of you.


Uh oh…


6 dots to hit the 10 character minimum? You crafty bastard.


I’ve been told that I have my moments. :slight_smile:


I’m good with Coach Beilein. Thanks.


Nah, our offense lacks dynamism.


Being on, or near the bubble 3 years in a row in year 10 is some kind of success. You guys sure have some high standards of success.