Iffff we were to look for a coach who would be realistic targets?


If switch that to livers is a good athlete and Brooks an ok one


What on earth has McDermott done to warrant that?


I would agree that McDermott hasn’t shown enough yet. One good year without his superstar son so far and it just got derailed by an injury. He could be good, but there are definitely a lot of guys with more proven track records.


Had a kid who played for him. Doesn’t seem sustainable.

You sure as hell don’t want the McDermott from the Iowa State years…


Bennett, Marshall, and Hoiberg, if he became available, would be a good first tier. I don’t think Mack and Michigan are the right fit, but you’d have to take a look after that. Archie Miller would be a good option.

I wonder if the Crean angle would be so far-fetched. He gets a lot of heat at IU. If Harbaugh is really planning to stay at Michigan for the next 10 years…

But Beilein isn’t going anywhere after this year. He’s certainly not retiring – if the season craters, he wouldn’t want to go out that way. He still would have 2 big ten titles in the last 6 years, and he’s a perfect fit for Michigan. If next season were also a disaster, the heat would


I like your top 3. As far as Crean. I hope Manuel would not let Harbaugh influence the Bball decision. There is nothing about Crean that I like.


Crean would have a pretty good basketball resume – two B1G titles and 3 sweet 16s at IU, a Final Four at Marquette. He’d probably also be able to leverage his closeness with Harbaugh in recruiting. And would there be any doubt Manuel would love to keep Harbaugh happy and at UM?

I’m not saying I want Crean, just that it may make sense on both sides and might not be as far-fetched as it seems.


Pretty consistently created top offenses


He was 59-68 in 4 seasons at Iowa State. In his 4 years there, Iowa State only beat one ranked opponent.

He’s never been past the round of 32 and has only made the round of 32 once.

Hard pass.


And I don’t really care about what he did at ISU. He has built multiple top offenses at Creighton and would be an extremely easy transition from JB. You don’t want him…I don’t care.


He’s an incredibly average coach with a “meh” track record. He wouldn’t be an upgrade from Beilein. What a weird suggestion.

He has never been to the Sweet 16 and only made it to the Round of 32 one time.


What a weird coach to want to bring in.


A list of Greg McDermott’s Sweet 16 Appearances


Not sure why but I found this very funny.


Who said anything about an upgrade? McDermott is someone I’d look into hiring and that won’t change no matter how much you quote and throw a tantrum.


You don’t want to an upgrade from Beilein?


I want someone fairly young who would make a smooth transition from JB and have room to grow as a coach.


If you want someone young, presumably so they could stick around for a long time, why is a smooth transition from Beilein also a priority? Of those who want to pull the trigger on Beilein, recruiting and playing style have been the main areas where they want change to happen.

Also, if you’re going young why not take a chance and go really young. At 52, McDermott is only two years younger than Beilein was when he arrived in Ann Arbor.


I have no problem with JBs playing style, I have an issue with the roster management and player evaluation.

If you didn’t notice, I listed multiple coaches who are young.


Thanks for setting me straight on that. With you not looking for an upgrade, I wasn’t sure what you were looking for in a potential hire.


I’m looking for a fairly young coach who is replacement level in the near-term and has a higher ceiling for success.