Iffff we were to look for a coach who would be realistic targets?


So you’re looking for an available coach open to coming to Michigan that is both an elite recruiter and an elite developer of skill with a one year window of bringing in at least one stud in 2018.

Did I miss anything?


Pretty much yes, keep in mind that if the guy is a current coach of lets say Virginia, Xavier, Dayton, Wichita State or any other program he may be able to bring someone with him upon being hired so don’t think its impossible.


Speaking of missing out on Henry Ellenson (another thread) as much as most of us have a Duke dislike ingrained in us, what about Wojo?


When Crean gets canned at IU sometime in the next few years, I fully expect the entire Harbaugh family to push for him as JB’s replacement


I would die.


What point? Your point: Duke had a couple upsets in a random 3 year period, which is NOT indicative of the long term success that Coach K has brought to Duke, therefore Tony Bennett’s failures in a 3 year period should be dismissed. I got your point and laugh at the logic. If you think that Coach K having a 3 year period of bad luck is the same as Bennett never proving that he can win at the highest level, then I don’t know what to tell you. Like arguing with a 5 year old.


Does anyone really think he will be fired mid-season. I think they could lose every remaining game and he wouldn’t get fired until the season was over. I still think he is going to be given 1 more year (2017-18) to right the ship, regardless of how this season ends. I don’t agree with giving him 1 more year, but I think that is what will happen.


Only if you can’t get a top flight candidate. I would think he would be fallback option #1 if all top options fail.


Listen guys, Beilein knows he has to recruit better athletes. He’s said so in the press at the end of last season (I tried to find the story, but no luck). Matthews is the first evidence of that, Brooks the second. Livers is a decent athlete as well. I suspect the 2018 class will be critical as well. If he doesn’t get the athletes he needs in that class it could spell his doom.


Or if Juwan decides that he doesn’t want an NBA head coaching job…


are you serious…


I love Juwan Howard, but no college including Michigan is hiring him as a head coach with zero prior head coaching experience. I’d love to add him as an assistant, absolutely.


You don’t think he knows it? The 2016 class was baked and Poole was already committed at the time he made the statement.
And yes, Brooks is a good athlete.


No I do not expect him to be fired mid - season, thought I said it in previous posts.


Here we go again…


I know it’s hard for you to be intellectual.


Gentlemen, differing views are exactly that no need for the bull.


Kanye all just get along?


Virginia on now playing Louisville


I never said tempo doesn’t matter. You did. I am done arguing with you. The facts support me. Bennett’s style will lead to higher variance and more upsets and the results have shown that to be true so far in his career.