Iffff we were to look for a coach who would be realistic targets?


Great post. I am hoping that Hoiberg relied on transfers because Ames is not a destination and the roster he inherited was really bad, but only Fred could tell you why he used transfers instead of recruits.

I do worry about the fall back options. I would hate to end up with a Brady Hoke equivalent. The football program can rebound, the basketball program needs stability.


I don’t like Beilein’s preference for slower tempo, but it does suit his teams well. Beilein wants to get in a jump shooting contest (i.e. limit turnovers, not go for turnovers, limit transition and don’t foul). His teams have been historically good at executing his game plan, which is to eliminate easy points and win a jump shooting contest when he usually has 2 or 3 of the best shooters in any one game. The problem we have now, is that he has recruited exclusively for shooters, and we lack athletes. I want to see a coach who will go get the athletes to compete at a high level and not rely on a philosophy, gimmick or system.


I am laughing right back at you.


Ok that settles it. Bennett is the next Coach K.


In 2014,15 and 16 they finished Top 6 in both KenPom and the AP poll every year. 29+ wins every year in that stretch. A Sweet 16 and an Elite 8. And every year in that stretch they’ve produced a guy picked between 21-36 in the draft, all of which are currently producing in the NBA. And then they landed the #7 class nationally in 2016…

I’m very confident Virginia will be making Final Fours under Bennett.


And here I thought I was the only one laughing in this thread. Better to laugh than cry, though, I suppose.


He won’t be fired, but he looks super frustrated and worn down on the sidelines. It would not shock me if he retired.


We’ll see, each year they lose to a team with better athletes. Not a coincidence IMO.


Plus, maybe you’re right. If JB retires, you certainly have to gauge his interest at a minimum, right? I’m a big Gregg Marshall fan too. He can really coach.


Bennett is a no brainer if it were plausible


I’m really surprised people aren’t higher on Marshall, too.

He made the FF (knocking off OSU in the Elite Eight), and had Louisville beat. The next year, he went undefeated and had Wichita as a #1 seed, losing in the final seconds to a loaded Kentucky team that then beat us. I mean, those accomplishments drawf anyone else we’re talking about, except maybe Bennett. And Marshall was great at Winthrop before that.


There is a Koch brothers-Marshall connection keeping him at WSU, no?


Does everyone feel that Donlon isn’t a realistic option? I think he could do pretty well here.


We can do way better at least in terms of stature/resume. Unless you think JB is completely handcuffing him, I don’t know that we have seen his imprint in a way where we can say he has made a significant impact aside from short stretches of defensive consistency (but still pretty infrequent).


I’ll pass on Donlon, based on what I have seen from this team on defense.


Juwan Howard anyone?


Ill take any of the Fab 5 as an Assistant


I’m less optimistic than others here about the caliber of coach Michigan could pull away from their existing gig. I could see Warde keeping Donlon on contract while negotiating with candidates and allowing him to interview for the job.

I also agree to not make the change in mid season because this team could shoot itself to an upset win on any night. That win wouldn’t be a fair reflection on Donlon’s abilities in the lead chair.

There isn’t a Harbaugh candidate out there. I don’t believe that there is a Hoke candidate out there. If you are going outside the program for your next coach, you need someone who views this job as a destination job. I’m sure others disagree.


So…Assistant Coach Jimmy King, then? I’m not sure a new coach from the outside would want that.


I would prefer that JB finishes the season almost no matter the results. As for Donlon I just do not think he is high enough profile to recruit at the level needed to compete at a level that matches most expectations. In the short term we need a coach who can get more out of less until they either develop what we have now and on the way while landing big time recruits in 2018.