Iffff we were to look for a coach who would be realistic targets?


Bennett isn’t realistic. UVA is too good right now. Coaches aren’t gonna leave places where they’ve built perennial Final Four contenders.


It is my personal belief that At Michigan you should be able to recruit top end talent. And with that top end talent you don’t want to play less possessions than the average team. You want to play more possessions to allow that talent to rise to the top. Bennett is a good coach, I just think his philosophy is too old school, plus I don’t see him leaving.


How does it not make sense? When you have better talent (i.e. better shooters, better passers, better players) you want to play as many possessions as possible because it eliminates the variance of playing a low possession game (i.e. a banked in 3 means a lot more in a 60 possession game versus an 80 possession game). This is not rocket science, sorry to have confused you.


I think his philosophy is exactly what we need.


Well that’s fine if that is your opinion. I think Bennett is a good coach, but in the tournament you are always going to run in to a “hot” team and when you run in to a hot team, and play a low possession game the variance goes way up (i.e. losing to a garbage 7 seed MSU team). I could also envision a scenario where Bennett would recruit at a lower clip than some of the other coaches mentioned, simply because the top kids don’t necessarily want to play that style.


I never said Bennett is a bad coach. I just think his coaching style allows for more upsets, and history is on my side of the argument. Virginia has been a 1 or 2 seed for the last 3 years and they have 1 Elite 8, 1 Sweet 16 and 1 first weekend exit. And the last 2 times they lost a game in which they were a 7+ favorite. Low possessions = higher variance. You can’t argue that point. It is a mathematical fact.


Hoiberg would be a brilliant coup when he’s fired from Chicago.great idea.


I don’t know, to be called a FF contender I think you have to make it at least once. They are like Wisconsin 10-15 years ago - they run his system perfectly but lack enough high end talent to make the FF.


But that style also makes his teams far better than they would be playing a more wide open game. And they are super tough defensively.


Not sure if you are serious. I think Hoiberg is in a situation very similar to Harbaugh. That front office is toxic and the mismatched collection of players they have make it impossible to win. Hoiberg’s name alone would carry weight in Chicago and if Michigan is going to be great again, they need to recruit Chicago as hard or harder than Detroit.


I understand what he’s saying about Bennett and I do think their style lends itself to upset but I still think he’s a great coach and would be a great hire/ I think Virginia will go deep some year. They would have been very good with Nichols imo.


I’m dead serious. I really like that idea. In fact out of everyone just named, he’d be my top pick. That idea never crossed my mind but our program name combined with Fred would be a top ten contender. I wish he’d be fired two or three years from now when Belein is retiring or fired ( hopefully not)


If you’re going to mention Hoiberg you might as well see what happens with Donovan in OKC. If Westbrook leaves they won’t have enough talent to compete and Donovan probably won’t be long for that place.


I understand his mind set offensively. I do think though that his defense is so superior that when you combine it with his efficient offense that it’s a thing of beauty.


Another great idea honestly. That might be more realistic too as the timing matches up more. I think Donovan will last at least two or three more years. I could see coach b retiring around then.

That would be a great time to be a Michigan ball fan. Donovan would kill it up here. Multiple big ten titles. Izzo is the only person that could compete. Even then give me Donovan over Izzo with our resources


I would applaud that hire too, absolutely.


The problem with Hoiberg is we don’t know when/if he’ll be fired. Our season will be over in March. The regular season for the NBA ends in mid April. Currently, the Bulls are in the playoffs. This isn’t a situation like Harbaugh where we have the inside track and clear cut ways to get trusted communication regarding the situation. I doubt IF JB was fired this year, we’d wait more than a month to make the next hire.


Marshall or Miller would be the best options if we do move on from JB. I think if the roster is attractive enough at the time that we’d definitely have a chance to pull either of them.

Donovan will be in the NBA for quite some time. Hoiberg was so reliant upon transfers, I wonder if that was a byproduct of Ames or something else. Mack isn’t someone I’d want to see in Ann Arbor.

The real question for the board: Say Warde can’t get one of these big names. Would you rather continue to roll the dice with JB or move on to some no-name up and comer without a tremendous record? That’s what scares me.


Bennett brought in 4 top 100 recruits in 2016. Beilein has brought in 4 top 100 guys in the last 4 years total. I think Tony Bennett would bring in more talent and certainly more well rounded players. We can talk about the improvements players have made but some of them are still so flawed that it hurts their defense.


I agree, and time wise, Donovan’s timeline might match up with Michigan, because honestly this is probably a moot discussion. We all know, deep down, Beilein will not be fired. I have been a staunch supporter of Beilein, but this season has been nothing short of a disaster, and he needs to carry a lot of the blame.