Iffff we were to look for a coach who would be realistic targets?


Please no Bennett. They are so flawed offensively. He is the basketball antithesis of Richrod.


Still think it’s absurd to compare Mack to Pitino Jr., he hasn’t accomplished anything. Minnesota has regressed under Pitino, and just watching his games shows he has no idea how to coach offense and is not a very good in-game coach.


Have you watched Mack extensively? I could say the same things about him. He hasn’t really done anything since Sean Miller’s players graduated.


You do realize that the Big East is harder to win than the Atlantic 10? Mack has done a good job of transitioning them into a high major conference and Xavier doesn’t look to be going away under Mack. He’s maintained what Matta and Miller built. I think Miller is a better coach, but that doesn’t mean Mack is bad or would do poorly here.

You’re the one that thinks PItino is at the very least on par with Mack. We have to compare them. Year 4 of a rebuild isn’t really an excuse. JB made two NCAA tournaments at Michigan in his first four years and he inherited a roster of next to nothing. Pitino should be making more progress than he has IMO.


Is the big East harder to win than the B1G? I don’t think so. Mack is 59-37 in conference since 2012. Beilein is 62-38. I maintain my original statement, Mack is not an upgrade from Beilein, all you are doing is trading one flawed coach for a younger flawed coach.

And I wouldn’t be interested in Pitino.

My top 3 would be Archie Miller, Greg Marshall and Fred Hoiberg


Hoiberg would be interesting


He is an excellent coach


Uhhhh yeah. This is the 3rd straight year where the Big East has been better than the B10.


Not sure why you’re comparing Big East/Big Ten. Xavier isn’t in the Big Ten. And Xavier and Michigan aren’t same programs. Comparing conference records during an arbitrary timeline is silly.

Every coach is flawed. But I think Mack would be a good coach any michigan because He has been a success there and Xavier coaches have translated very well to high major jobs. You don’t want Pitino because he hasn’t shown he’s anything more than a below average coach. Mack has proven himself to be a good one.

I would take any of those three as well. But I don’t think Marshall would go anywhere. Hoiberg’s timeline might not match up with Michigan’s as a coach isn’t going to drop down from an NBA job by choice.


What makes you think that neither would leave?


Both are in high major conference. Both programs lookin better for the near future than Michigan. Plus Mack is a Xavier alum, so that could be a huge factor.

Money talks though. And although we aren’t a basketball school, Michigan brand goes beyond football.


Michigan has all the tools to land any coach mentioned in the thread IMO.


Thank you.


I didn’t know Kenpom.com gave out trophies.


I don’t understand this boards love affair with Mack. I feel like I must have missed that year where he went to the final all four, or won the Big East, or he’ll won the Atlantic 10 with someone other than Sean Miller’s players. Average coach, good recruiter, doesn’t translate to Final Four and National Championships. Michigan needs to be focused on winning at the highest level. Mack doesn’t help reach that goal, IMO. He is a lesser version of Thad Matta.


I like Hoiberg because I think he could recruit Chicago really well and whether we like it or not, Detroit is not putting out enough high end talent every year to be consistently good. Need to be able to pluck some talent from Chicago. I also think he is as good of an in game coach as you will find at this point.


The kenpom ratings of Bennett the last 4 years at Virginia

This year 17th
15-16 8th
14-15 22nd
13-14 27th

What’s so bad about having a top 20 offense while having consistently a top 10 defense?


Tony Bennett.


Bennett is excellent, IMO. He’s that close at UVA and could presumably get better players here.

I’m a huge Hoiberg fan. Gregg Marshall too.


Tend to agree. Certainly, he could potentially be really good, as could many guys, but there’s nothing about his resume that makes it seem certain.