Iffff we were to look for a coach who would be realistic targets?


Amaker made a sweet 16 at seton hall and landed a number 1 ranked recruiting class, he was on a different level


Keep in mind that two years ago, they were playing in their Welsh-Ryan Arena on campus. An old barn with lots of charm. I went to that game two years ago that M lost at the last second. Their crowd was just amazing for 8,117 capacity.

Last season they were in All State Arena while Welsh-Ryan was undergoing renovations. 16 miles and 40 minutes away from campus. I’d imagine that didn’t help.

Possible that had an impact last season?

Temporary inconvenience, Permanent improvement!


Seton Hall was at least, 10 years before Amaker, a strong program. Northwestern had literally never made the tourney before Collins.

Let’s put it this way - Amaker was here for six years and never made the tourney once. I feel confident Collins could top that pretty easily.


Not that it matters because I don’t think JB is leaving, but why are we having a debate about coaches on Amaker/Collins level? Beilein has made this one of the top 10-15 jobs in the country. Whenever he retires/leaves, if we don’t hire from within, we should be swinging for the fences and not settling.


I agree the last 2 times we conducted a national search, we attracted really high level candidates and that was when the program was in bad shape. The program now has facilities, high level recent success and resource commitment it never had. After Ellerbe, um would have gotten pitino had he not had ties to Kentucky, he’s said numerous times that he felt the um job was the better job but his wife wanted to go back to Kentucky. There were numerous other high major coaches interested in the job(kelvin sampson for one) but we ultimately went with the young monster recruiter with heavy ties to the program um wanted to emulate. Beilein was a big east coach that in his previous three previous prior years to um made an elite 8, a sweet 16, and won an nit title with one of the youngest teams in the country. If this job did open it would attract quite a few really successful high major coaches.


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Sure, but most of the very top coaches are already entrenched at their schools and well paid.

I’d absolutely target a Gregg Marshall or Tony Bennett, but if you can’t get guys like that, Laval Jordan is a real possibility, and Yaklich might have been too.

I mean, IU got their coach from Dayton, OSU got theirs from Butler. We’re not luring away Jay Wright or something like that.


You’re probably correct on Wright. I wonder where the line is drawn when it comes to coaches that you 100% know wouldn’t leave their school even for Michigan?

S. Miller (??)
Who else really? Are Marshall and Bennett on the “won’t even listen” list?


I think Steve Alford at UCLA hangs up if M calls. Same with A Miller at Indiana. I also wouldn’t want us to call.


I think Marshall and Bennett would listen. Maybe.

Many on the list of guys who wouldn’t leave are also guys we would never hire anyway. Self. Cal. If we wanted Cal, we would have gone after him the last time around. Can you imagine us interviewing Sean Miller with this FBI thing hanging over his head? Wouldn’t happen in a million years.

When JB hangs them up, I think our target list will be Jordan, Yaklich, and maybe Patrick Beilein, who I think will have enjoyed some D-I success by then.


Oh I agree with the thought that we wouldn’t go after certain ones. Don’t see Alford being a target of ours either. But the number that don’t listen if Michigan comes calling is very small.


That may be true. But there are probably not that many great coaches out there, either.

Guys like Self, K, Cal, Roy, and Izzo are not going anywhere.

A guy like Sean Miller would probably not want to come because his recruiting methods would have to change dramatically.


Not sure Marshall would listen. He makes over $3 million at a non football school and has all the resources in the world. It’ll be interesting if he ever makes a move because it won’t make a ton of sense for him and his family financially.


I mean, there’s only so much cache at Wichita State. JB is set to make $4 million, and Michigan is certainly going to attract a higher quality of recruit than Wichita.

The question would be whether Marshall still believes he could win it all at Wichita, or has that window closed.


I see him as a Harbaugh type coach. Can rub people the wrong way but it looks great when they are winning and no one complains enough at Wichita when they aren’t (they are still pretty good when they aren’t).


$3 million goes a long way in Wichita. He’s got to be the undisputed top dog in town. If he likes that, why go somewhere he wouldn’t be and would feel heat if he didn’t win right away?


I admit with a one and done tournament anyone can win it if it breaks their way. However your chances at that (and the recruits that can get you there) are much greater in a major conference. If Marshall ever leaves it would probably be to go to a blue blood or someone quite close. I think we’d have a chance.


Best job Marshall has been offered is the Alabama job and he was reportedly close to taking it, solid job but not a great one. We’ll see what happens when a um level job or above makes a serious run at him, I tend to think he would leave if it comes before he gets too old.


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