Iffff we were to look for a coach who would be realistic targets?


Disagree. Taking Northwestern to its first tourney ever and nearly beating Gonzaga is some good coaching. And he landed a very nice recruiting class this year. My biggest worry would be that he leaves for Duke when K retires.

Amaker, on the other hand, couldn’t even get us to the tourney.


Taking nw to the tourney was a nice accomplishment but his teams are atrocious offensively and he’s been 1 year wonder to this point. Amaker was much more accomplished when he came here. Would rather roll the dice on yaklich and continuity over Collins.


There is 0% chance Chris Mack and Archie Miller leave their job and the same for whoever added Holtmann.


Beilein Hs been a head coach for 40 years. There’s no comparison.


I hate this thread…but remember JB is a creator of culture and success. He rebuilds teams and organizations into winners! He’s done that at every stop! To him, I think it’s the ultimate challenge. I would be heart broken if he leaves Michigan but he’s earned the right to have the opportunity. Never ever bet against this guy…he’s a winner and great motivator of men! Go Blue!


And even with that towering accomplishment (no sarcasm), don’t NW alums think he’s a d-bag? I do know he runs recruits off, which is obv a big departure from Beilein. But I think he rubs everyone the wrong way.

Fortunately, the winds seem to be blowing in the direction of this being irrelevant. :pray:


Amaker made the tourney once in his four years at Seton Hall. So, no.


Which recruits has Chris Collins run off?


Here’s the high profile one. In fairness, it may be an isolated incident and perhaps there isn’t merit to the allegation.


Johnnie Vassar had a suit against Chris Collins. Not sure what ever came of it.


Johnnie Vassar


Coach Norman Dale. He is very big on fundamentals just like Beilein.


Thanks for the link.

Yea, not gong to judge after one incident.

If multiple kids/parents were complaining, I’d understand. I feel like one situation is on every coaches record at the D1 level in terms of kids feeling kicked to the curb.


Dude. My post was from over a year ago.


This isn’t a case of spring creaning… this is verbally abusing a kid until he felt so belittled that he had to leave. I bet he would’ve been happier hearing "we’re out of space, got to move on. Sorry. "


Yaklich with a strong offensive co-ordinator type?


Whereas most student/athletes would take the hint and transfer for more PT, this kid actually wanted to stay for the curriculum.


Thats one side of the story.

Im sure theres another.

If Collins was an absolute abuser and A-Hole on a daily basis im sure we’ll hear more stories…right?


Regardless of those issues, Collins did a terrible job this past season in the first year where Northwestern actually had expectations. They had basically everyone back from their round of 32 team and they were one of the worst teams in the big ten. Doesn’t lend a lot of confidence.


It happens. Look at our 2010 season. They did manage to beat us once and play us tough the second time.

He’s got a really good recruiting class on the way. I have a feeling they’ll be pretty good over the next few years.