Iffff we were to look for a coach who would be realistic targets?


Donovan would be a great hire, he’s choice number one for me if you can get him. I’d like Marshall too. Gut says that Lavall is probably the number one choice though. Moser is interesting, I’ve thought about Steve Woj but his Marquette teams haven’t been that great. Also lmao @ Kampe, gave me a much-needed laugh. Imagining that is hysterical, there would be riots on South University if he were the hire.


Oakland as a program is an absolute mess


Kampe hasn’t won when it counts in the Horizon League tournament. Oakland’s also gonna struggle next year I think. I mean, I think at least half the league will be in pretty rough shape, but that’s a topic for another post.

More related to the thread at hand, IF Beilein is hired to the Pistons and IF Lavall is hired, he could potentially bring back Jeff Meyer to Michigan’s staff.


I’m guessing you guys don’t read mgoblog. This very thread was trashed over there today and eventually taken down. I’d be shocked if Coach B goes to the Pistons, so I guess this is a fun thread, but I think we’ve got about four or five years before it becomes a real thing. Sorry, but I think the speculation about Beilein’s departure are a bit premature.


why not give Juwan Howard a shot?


I mean, he is set to take potentially a THIRD meeting with the Pistons. You are in denial if you don’t think it is a possibility at this point.


Because he’s never been a college coach…?


I mean, the report is that the Pistons are interested in another meeting.


How so? They are good every year


Their results really aren’t that impressive. Middle of the pack horizon league team for the most part that has not made the NCAA tournament since the move up. Also some pretty ridiculous behind the scenes stuff.

Oakland basically just relies on taking transfers with a questionable past (see Kendrick Nunn) or taking the top talent from Detroit that UM/MSU don’t want. They get lots of guys that are / should be mid major stars. Their teams rely pretty much 100% on talent and athleticism and are coached very poorly to mediocre results.


Preach. That program is a disaster for having a coach that has been there for decades.


By the same token, Beilein has never coached in NBA


Keep it in the family…Patrick Beilein :face_with_monocle:


I don’t know how you look at his coaching record and get middle of the pack.


What behind the scenes stuff are you referring to




Chris Collins would be an awful hire, if they did that after the Amaker experience…


I didn’t know he already took two. I hadn’t heard that. IF JB went to the Pistons it would be a much better hire for the Pistons than it would be an opportunity for Coach B. The Pistons are a dumpster fire within a dysfunctional organization. By the way, I’ve been a Pistons fan almost as long as I’ve been a Michigan fan and I’m saying this. I will say again, I would be incredibly disappointed in JB if he jumped ship and went to the Pistons, and I love Coach B. I don’t think he’s going to the Pistons unless they put him in charge of the whole freaking program, not working for some GM who hasn’t even been hired yet. But m-a-y-b-e I’m in denial. We’ll see.


I can’t fathom the match either, but if the man is willing to set down 3 times with them, the man is interested in the job.


Here’s something I wrote to a friend. “I really think it could be JB being able to say to recruits, when they ask if he’s got plans to leave Michigan for the NBA, ‘Listen, I’ve looked into the NBA, yes, I’ve been part of the process, but, no, I have the best basketball job, for ME, in America. No, I’m NOT leaving for the NBA.’ I think that would resonate with recruits. I also think it could be about getting more money for his assistants and Sanderson, which I think is important.” I still don’t think he’s going to the Pistons, but, we’ll see. Perhaps, as you say, I’m in denial.