Iffff we were to look for a coach who would be realistic targets?



We were all frustrated after the OSU loss last year at home that dropped us to 4-6 in conference.

The question was whether it represented some type of downward trend from which JB could never recover. Opinions differed. The verdict seems pretty clear at this point.


There were polite, constructive ways to express those opinions and impolite, attacking ways to express those opinions. I lost interest in the dialogue last year when a lot of it went below the line and got repetitive.



These are the good old days my friends!


Even a decade ago @umhoops had to bring us down to earth with the overreactions, lol


It is strange reading Dylan in his infant journalism days. His voice is a lot different


I just want to see Jordan Poole pull this on Saturday:

I am also curious if Manny really did try to check himself into the game because that is sure what it looked like about halfway through overtime.


Interesting comment below that recap:

Justin…JB is a good coach, not a great one. Roy Williams is a great coach. Tom Izzo is a great coach. Jim Calhoun is a great coach. I can personally guaruntee you that the aforementioned coaches would NEVER EVER EVER EVER sit their best player, the player that has put us in this position, for overtime in the biggest game of the year.

Jaren Jackson Jr. might disagree…


I wish we were facing Weber on Saturday. I’d like that coaching matchup.


me too. i was pulling hard for K-state



I forgot how toxic this old locked thread was and how it certainly hasn’t aged well. It’s literally comical now. Also, do you guys think we’re screwed next year now that we didn’t get Jamal Cain?!


Eating Crow: Revisited: Revisited


Umhoopsfan’s first response is absolutely golden. He nailed it right away and perfectly. I tip my cap to you @UMHoopsFan


Brilliant and incredibly accurate.


So is this thread relevant now?


What a difference 18 months makes, eh?



Although I want Beilein around until he retires, in the gloomey depressed hypothetical scenario he left/retired, give me either Chris Collins at NW or go incredibly hard after Billy Donovan. BD’s name has been thrown around as wanting back into D1 and the state of the Michigan program would be attractive to him.


I say flip the script on the program perception and get Pitino.


Hell no to Chris Collins. That would be so uninspiring.

Gregg Marshall should absolutely get a call. He lost a lot of his guys and may be ready. Sure call Donovan but that’s a long shot. Call Lavall but not sure he’s ready yet.