Hats Off to DJ Wilson


To DJ’s credit, he’s been very consistent recently in conference play. Really enjoy the fact that he’s bringing the hardhat to work these past 2 games. Other than a brief lull in the motor (PSU, Maryland), he’s had at least 5 rebounds in 4/6 games. His passing and ballhandling ability have been noticeably improved over the last 2 games as well in my opinion.

Still think the key for DJ is consistent motor, every game. And he appears to be trending toward that.


At the beginning of the season, JB and DJ both talked about watching a ton of film of Troy Williams, and focusing on DJ becoming that type of player. At the time, I thought that to be so far fetched…but that comparison (statistically and game impact) are actually pretty accurate. Credit to both of them for finding a tangible player for him to try and emulate.


Better shooter than Troy


A is Jayson Tatum. B is Jonathon Isaac. C is DJ. Those guys will be top 10 picks. Not saying DJ is close in talent or potential to them but he’s basically producing like a more efficient, less turnover-prone, better shot-blocking Jayson Tatum, whose only statistical advantage over DJ is +3 points per game. And those are probably the two most talented 4s in the country


Haven’t seen enough of Isaac. I think the difference is Tatum is more fluid/athletic, and has displayed more ability to create in games. Hence the distinction for NBA purposes.


Definitely a better shooter than Troy, but I think that was a given going into the season. It was the other facets that DJ needed to focus on, and finding a player who could make that impact that DJ could recognize was a good thing. All about mentality with DJ, and getting him outside of his perimeter focus. I think Troy was a great example of a player that DJ could watch since UM hadn’t really had that guy.


At Duke, Tatum also plays with considerably more talent (although not always being utilized this year) which could throw his numbers down. Also, though Tatum is not playing as efficiently


Yeah, give DJ Tatum’s handle and horizontal burst, and DJ would be a first-rounder. Probably not lottery or anything, but with DJ’s build, length, and shooting, the NBA would be salivating if he could take his guy off the dribble from the elbow/top of the key on a consistent basis.


No doubt in my mind about this. Totally agree


Post of the week award winner, hopefully delightful to people on both sides.


Definitely more talent, but Tatum is probably the third option offensively behind Allen and Kennard. I’d say DJ is our 3rd or 4th typically


Yep, Tatum is a much better creator he’s more of a 3 that’s slid down to the 4 spot. Him and Isaac will no doubt be way better pros, but hard to believe DJ is matching and even exceeding their production at a lot of levels in conference play


Have to consider age, too. Tatum and Isaac are young bucks and Isaac especially is more of a raw, upside guy learning how to use his tools. Tatum is a ball stopping ISO guy who is learning how to play in a system…also coming off an injury. But I can’t dispute that DJ has been highly productive and is poised to be a monster in years 4 and 5.


For me I’ve always thought Rudy Gay was the comparison to Tatum. I don’t think DJ is quite there in terms of ceiling but he’s improvement in terms of ball handling certainly gives me hope.


I can agree that they both maybe 3rd options on their respective teams. But options 1, 2, 4, 5… are much more capable and likely to demand opportunities on Duke. Regardless, I think you and I are not disagreeing about this. Interesting comparisons to bring up


Favorite play of the BTT final!


Wilson’s emergence this season was huge to the team’s development. He pushed Robinson to the bench, which improved Michigan’s team defense and team rebounding plus it allowed Robinson to play a role better suited for his game — offensive spark off the bench. Not to mention it allowed Irvin to primarily guard perimeter players, which plays more to Irvin’s strengths on defense.


And you know a good portion of Wisconsin fans will swear that’s over the back



Prior to the start of the season, many questioned if DJ could play the 4.
He made a big leap in the off season and had a great season. Now, it looks like he has made another leap in just the last few weeks. He is athletic, highly skilled and can shoot. If he keeps working on his game, he is going to be really good.