Hats Off to DJ Wilson

So I turn the game on with 13:24 left in the first half…recorded it as I was catching up on some work, and of course the previous game is running over so I miss the first 6 minutes.

10 seconds in I see DJ Wilson hit a stepback jumpshot off the dribble from the right wing. A few seconds later I see DJ make a great rotation that leads to a steal. Later DJ holds his ground on the block before blocking a shot. DJ then uses his pivot effectively to lose his man, which leads to a baseline jumpshot. Wilson would later throw a really nice dime from the top of the key for an easy layup for a teammate. Later DJ knocked down a catch and shoot 3 from the right corner.

DJ’ final stat line might not be insane, but the versatility he showed today was really impressive in my opinion.

But for me the most impressive occurrence today came with 12:31 remaining in the second half. DJ received the ball in the right corner, proceeded to bully Thomas Bryant to the rim, forcing him to foul. Bryant then tried to swipe the ball from DJ in an effort to punk him, before DJ swatted his arm away and grimmed him eye to eye.

At that point I said to myself (and mods please excuse me here)…that’s what the fuck I’m talking about DJ.

Now there were moments were DJ was punked on the glass this game and in the post as well, but those are the type of encouraging signs were you see growth mentally…a player that was once a charmin boy all the way around now using his size to his advantage rather than settling all the time.

I was not a fan of DJ Wilson out of high school, and didn’t like the pickup for Michigan. I said he wouldn’t contribute until his third year, and he didn’t. I thought DJ would be a 7point and 3-4 rebound per game guy as junior/RS sophomore when he committed. Never in my wildest dreams did I think he would an 11point 6 rebound per game guy as a third year player, and damn sure not after the garbage he displayed his first 2 years.

Hats off to you DJ, you’ve become my favorite player on the roster.


He’s pretty good

Not quite ready to say he’s good. I will say that I think he’s an above average player at this point, and a legit B10 2 way player. With a bit more consistency though, I think he can be good. If he can get a more consistent motor, he can be better than good in terms of production.

He’s been a revelation. Really hope he continues to get more and more touches. He has a really good all around game. Makes great decisions. Solid d. Shot blocking. Energy. Hits the open three. Can dribble. If he keeps s developing he’s a second round pick all day maybe more.

Really seems like DJ is getting more comfortable handling on the perimeter. Got a bit sloppy and dribble into traffic on one occasion, but overall a really solid job handling the ball today.

But again, he played 5 games before getting hurt as a freshman, and didn’t see the court much last year either. Way too early to write him off, as he’s showing right now. He’s definitely good at this point. Not great yet, but above average as you say.

He seems to hit that post fader quite consistently too. Doesn’t seem to be a fluke. He is really the reason I’m holding out hope. I just am not sure if we can be consistent. They haven’t shown. that in two years. I like that some of zaks touches/ role last few games went to dj. Love that Walton is taking on more of the scoring/ shots too. I think it’s clear this is best for the team. No reason any one of them should be firing 20 shots or going one on one constantly with such solid balance. Hell moe,dj, Walton and dj should all have pretty equal touches imo,

Did he really get ‘hurt’ or did he get ‘hurt’ and need a RS? You’re smarter than that will all the cheating conspiracy theories you throw out


Doesn’t really indicate anything. For context my daughter had a grade 2 MCL tear, was on crutches for a few days, and ended up back in action 6 weeks later.

Doesnt mean that he couldnt have come back but I am guessing that it was evident that he wasnt ready and then also had to deal with rehab… just used one thing to encapsulate all things. I dont have much of a problem with that

I mean obviously the injury played into things, but I think I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Zak’s back injury was likely much more severe than anything DJ was dealing with, and he played through it. All that to say that while DJ was definitely hurt, the bottom line was that he wasn’t ready to play…and the injury just enhanced that inability in my opinion.

Sometimes I wish it were possible to just unfussily neg tomfoolery like this and move on.

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He’s always had the tools. Always had the length. Always had a decent shot. Always had ball skills for a 6’9-6-10 kid. It was just about putting the mental and physical aspects of the game together

Looked like the best player on the floor last year in open gym. Obviously couldnt get it together mentally to be productive last year.

We still have 2 more years with him. That’s exciting.

Frankly I wish it were possible to ban you because you add little to the site other than stating that you support the team, and of course you’re a ‘staunch’ Beilein supporter. And of course follow me around and disagree with everything I say and make personal attacks on me, and then request that Beilein be ‘informed’ about me.

Are you too ignorant to realize that I promote Michigan to upper tier prospects?

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Wouldnt necessarily say he had the tools. His shot was very flat the past 2 years. He’s improved his release point tremendously this year, as he now releases the ball on the way up and has decent arch.

He’s always had length, but that’s never been high on my list (Guestavo and I go back and forth on this) independent of motor.

But as you say, important thing is he’s producing and hopefully he improves even more. My favorite player on the team right now. If he can have a more consistent motor, has the potential to be a 16 & 8 guy

Much better way of stating what I was alluding to

I think its safe to say DJ wasn’t ready to play irrelevant of the injury as a freshman based on what we saw last year, which is presumably an improvement over his freshman campaign.

Just glad he’s producing right now, and bullying Thomas Bryant to the rim.

Yeah that was definitely a highlight of watching last night. I may not be as bullish as you on the players and state of the program, but I will say that DJ certainly has surprised me as well. I just hope we see this type of effort and game from him on a regular basis. This is the type of player that lays the foundation for the program so that the dynamic wings in the PnR can thrive (not that I am seeing one right now).

I really can’t believe that there is anyone who follows Michigan basketball, who, at this point is incapable of saying “DJ is good”.

At this point the refusal to say “DJ is good” is ridiculous.