Hats Off to DJ Wilson


One thing to keep in mind is that the team’s pace reduces the counting numbers a tiny bit. At an NCAA average pace, DJ averages about12 points and 7 boards. So it’s a slight uptick there, haha.


I think I’ve said my piece. And you responded to a small portion of it. Our cards are on the table.


Yes, his handle the last few games has really surprised me. He must be learning from Mo.

Wilson seems to be evolving from game to game.


I said a few weeks back that I’d like to see us run a few sets for DJ to create off the bounce vs lesser comp or in garbage time just to see where he’s at.

I think we need to at least explore it


With DJ’s passing showing serious promise, I’d love some Purdue-esque high/low post between DJ and Mo. Also gives DJ a chance to put it on the floor, with the opposing 5 jostling with Mo. Dont know that JB has even run a high-low, though.


I’m envisioning DJ at the FT line vs a 2-3 zone ala Mitch vs. Syracuse. If he can be proficient at that, we could eat a zone alive.


Same. Love seeing that DJ is the primary zone cracker. He always had the height/shot to shoot from the center of the key, but now he can maybe pass out of it too? Mitch-esque zone beater would be an incredible weapon to have.


DJ at the FT line area and a cutting Charles Matthews with DR providing space on the same wing as Matthews is a thing of beauty. I’m envisioning DJ faking the pass to Duncan, defender bites, with DJ throwing the lob to Charles or hitting him in stride for a dunk.


I believe against Illinois(?) we did exactly that and he found Donnal running the baseline for an easy layup.


Yep. He’s flashed ability to put some zip on it as well.


A large number of people on many boards are negative, from music to politics to sports. You don’t often find policy makers, musicians, athletes or coaches on those sites though. I really don’t understand what measure of anything that offers when it comes to the validity of opinions or the impressions you leave.

I grew up around a group of people with a long Michigan sports history, they go back many generations, including as members of the coaching staff and remain involved. I find many of your observations about Beilein to be completely inconsistent with what I know of him, from recruiting to coaching philosophy. I respect the hell out of Beilein. That’s an objective conclusion based on both first hand and trusted second hand information, not homerism.


You respect John Beilein, and what exactly does that mean in the context of Michigan basketball?

I’m not interested in debates that factor in personality, I only care about the effectiveness of his coaching, or lack of, which includes recruiting among many other things.

If you find my ‘observations’ about Beilein ‘inconsistent’ with what you know, then be specific with your claims rather than setting forth generalities.

My takes on John Beilein as a coach have been pretty clear:

*Above average coach overall
*Good/Very Good offensive coach
*Bad defensive coach
*Sub-par recruiter in terms of maintaining contact and ultimately relationships with prospects
*Prioritizes his system over talent and lacks flexibility at times
*His recruiting approach is extremely outdated and it hurts Michigan in terms of obtaining talent
*Does not set a standard of accountability for players in terms of effort and undermines asst coaches when attempting to do the same

I’m curious to know which of my ‘observations’ are in consistent with what you know


I’m just going to set this right here:

He is a great offensive coach.


That article is dated 2015. Also, take a look at where we rank defensively since Beilein’s arrival. Again, when all you can point out is a difference in opinion of small magnitude for one set of criteria of all the factors I mention above, it validates my overall take on Beilein.

When all you can do is point to a distinction between very good/great, while not addressing anything else, that indicates to me that you either value offense exclusively without regard for total team performance, or you simply want to defend John Beilein to the extent of portraying him in a positive manner. Either way, it’s not a fair analysis of his coaching effectiveness.


Every coach prioritizes their own system. It’s why you don’t see Urban Meyer recruiting the likes of Jacob Eason, no matter how talented.

The accountability thing is fair, but only very recently. The teams with Novak, Douglas, and Morgan played very hard and gave great effort. The team two years ago was completely outmanned after Levert and Walton got hurt, and competed very hard against some far more talented teams, including taking Final Four teams Wisconsin and MSU to overtime.


If you guys want to talk DJ Wilson here I’m all for it. Personally, I’m done talking Beilein on this thread. Let’s move it to another thread or PM


D.J. Wilson is good.


DJ Wilson has improved because John Beilein is a great coach.


Take this rep.


Let’s put some context on how good DJ’s conference per-game numbers have been compared to some 4s across the country that I would consider great. Any guesses here?

Player A-
17.3 PPG, 5.7 RPG, 1.9 APG, 1.1 BPG, 3.1 TO
31% 3FG, 53% 2FG

Player B-
12.9 PPG, 8.9 RPG, 1.4 APG, 2.1 BPG, 1.3 TO
31% 3FG, 56% 2FG

Player C-
14.1 PPG, 5.8 RPG, 2.0 APG, 1.8 BPG, 0.5 TO
52% 3FG, 63% 2FG