Hats Off to DJ Wilson


DJ at the small ball 5 has been a revelation. And Im not sure “small ball 5” is even the right phrase, since he’s our player best-suited to guard the Haas’ and Happs of the world.


Yep, and JB has been very smart to go to DJ at the 5 when Mo is not having success. What is the pattern with Mo not playing well? Does he have a tendency to play better against slow bigs?


DJ was very good offensively today, especially in the 2nd Half. But he was at best uneven on the defensive end, especially finding his man on box outs. He has been a great revelation this season and huge part of the team’s run the past month, but he needs to improve his play in the paint (on both sides of the court) if he is going to take the next step as a player.

And Wilson/Robinson combo ---- that killed Michigan’s defensive rebounding today. Coaches have to be smarter about their rotations than allowing that duo to get taken to the woodshed like that.

Still the team won; advance and survive.


I agree, DJ missed plenty of boxouts and switches, but neither Mo nor Mark had done any better. I suppose we couldve played more X, over Duncan, but the offense was clicking amazingly.

DJ can definitely improve, as you said. But Im not sure I’d take issue with any of the lineup management, from this game. If anything, I would’ve tried going under screens, make Evans shoot over them, rather than repeatedly running right passed the hedger.


I think during the latter stages of the game DJ was playing with tired legs. Had to log to many minutes especially since Wagner sat the bench for long periods and you really can’t count on Donnal to give quality minutes in a game like this. Duncan also stood around a few times and did not block out.


The only play I was really mad at DJ about was when he ran by that OkSt guy who beat everyone down the court and patted him on the belly, picking up the utterly useless and-one foul. Otherwise, he could’ve done a couple things different, but he’s playing really well right ow.


Could you imagine Bamba and Wilson playing side by side next year? How would that be for rim protection?


Final 4 if it happens



DJ and Mo Wagner come back next year and Mich will have the top front court in the country. I know that may sound like hyperbole but I expect another jump from DJ. Just hope we have guards that are ready for the spot light.


Great game, DJ! Ice water, baby!


Nice game by DJ, again. He is having a good tournament.
Wagner finally decided to join the party. He can be quite good when he stays on the floor for 31 minutes.


And he was engaged on defense. He clearly wont be a defensive stopper any time soon, but there’s a big difference when he simply has his head on swivel versus looking completely lost


Very good game by Wilson matching up against comparable length & athleticism. He still has areas to improve, but nice to enjoy what he brings to the court.

And Michigan should enjoy an advantage in the post against either Oregon or URI, so that will be a nice change of story lines.


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