Hats Off to DJ Wilson


I get that, that’s why informed people watch games and others look at box scores. But your eye cant really ignore that the straight-line drives that you were bemoaning came at the hands of the best backcourt in the conference, which leads the best offense in the conference. And the eye cant ignore that the guys who have punked DJ on the block are Bryant and Leaf, future 1st rounders.


Neither did I. I just find your standards of good and great to differ from mine. That’s fine.


I was under the impression that you didn’t like the way Beilein’s teams play offense or defense. For the guards offensively, do you mean appealing stylistically to those capable of running PnR? Otherwise, aren’t you just one cog in a motion offense or waiting on the arc for a kickout?


But the eye also can’t ignore the fact that the best offense in the conference, originates from a poor conference. Point is this, all of this is subjective, and many factors are at play. There is no correct answer here, and we’re dealing with a subtle and nuanced distinction between above average and good.

Bottom line - DJ Wilson is much better than I anticipated this year. To what extent is obviously debatable.


Every player in the world wants to hear ‘you can shoot with a green light’…and that’s appealing universally.


Maybe we could grab some objectivity by comparing stats of DJ playing the 4 this year and GR playing the 4 his sophomore year:

Wilson Versus GR3:

Points: 10.7 per game versus 11
Blocks: 1.5 per game versus .27
Steals: .42 per game versus 1.1
TO: .8 per game versus .9
Assists: 1.5 per game versus 1.1
Rebounds: 6.3 per game versus 5.4
Free throws: 83% versus 67%
3FG: 44% versus 32%
FG: 57% versus 57%

Was GR3 “good”?


Oh MattD. Always so negative/contrarian. We get it. You scout. You know more than the plebes on this forum…yada yada yada


That’s a bad statement in my opinion. I’m not sure if you said this by accident or truthfully, but they haven’t won a tournament game in 2 years. I don’t think you can call out their conference record for this year yet either. It may end up at or below .500 but you have to wait and see. By saying 3 years for the tournament and conference is just trying to bump up your narrative.


I’m not pumping anything, it appears you are attempting to push your narrative…notice I said I don’t present any of those statements/objective criteria to any recruits. Appears you jumped the gun a bit in an effort to get your homer rocks off lol


Even if you believe that this is true and that shooters don’t have to earn the green light in practice, I can’t imagine you selling that to a kid whose future you might have a passing interest in.


I think that’s where you, and a small faction on this board are wrong. I’ve never considered myself negative about Michigan under Beilein, just objective,…while considering the small faction, which likely includes you, as homers.

Through a lot of interaction on other boards, I’ve learned that a large faction of Michigan fans (far outnumbering anything here) simply cannot stand Michigan under John Beilein. I actually have to defend Beilein because some of the takes are pretty extreme, not all, but certainly a fair amount. I’ve been called out for being a homer on other boards.


Do you really think I’m going to reveal details of private conversations with recruits about life changing decisions? Ask yourself that. And ask yourself, do you really think I’d negatively recruit Michigan?


I only know you from here, so…


So what exactly are you implying?


Your “high-tiered prospects” may say all anyone needs to know about your need for validation, Matt; on an anonymous message board where a lot of people disagree with you, that may never come. But–as I have said and others have noted–obsessively deriding the coaches is hardly “promoting Michigan.” It’s clearly the opposite, and a disservice to the program. Maybe it’s not clear that in the end it just comes across as incredible hostility toward Beilein the man? If not, let me be the first to tell you.

My response was to your “[n]ot quite ready to say he’s good,” which seemed. . . humorous (as others here are noting); once people are talking about a player’s potential in the NBA, I think most of us can agree that he’s “good.” I apologize if it was ill-mannered; I can see where “tomfoolery” might be a little over the top. It just struck me that on some other sites I would be able to neg the comment and move on, just make that small-scale gesture of scorn rather than. . . lots of palaver like this.


I know this is not on topic for DJ Wilson, so I’ll leave it at this. You stated you “don’t think that would help the cause much, because frankly its underwhelming and looks poor.”

It’s clear you think the recent Michigan performance has been poor. To back that narrative up you incorrectly added in an additional year to state that. (I 100% agree with you on the last two years. In fact I’ve agreed with you in other convos so I’m not attacking you. I just didn’t agree with adding 3 years in that statement.)


For someone who always try to crack back on others for their narratives, I’m just trying to get a sense of your perspective. You have access to prospects and the Michigan program that I do not have nor will ever have. For how you feel about the program, I don’t know what you could possibly talk to prospects about besides their current seasons, other programs that would benefit those players more and the weather.


I’m not deriding anyone. I think where you, and a small group of others go wrong, is that you account for your liking of Beilein as a person as opposed to limiting our evaluation of him to the basketball court. John Beilien’s performance at Michigan, while better than Amaker, has been decidedly mediocre/above average on the whole.

Again, you would be the great minority on other boards with your approach to Michigan under Beilein. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion, but the point remains that your comment that ‘a lot of people disagree with you’ isn’t true. Well, it may be true, because the great majority of Michigan fans on other boards with much more traffic than this, think I’m overly optimistic on Beilein…they simply cannot stand anything about him, at all.

Bottom line for me - is that I think you’re of the opinion that Michigan=Beilein. I’ll be blunt with you, you’re wrong. Michigan>>>>>>>>>>>>Beilein.


I love Michigan. I do not love John Beilein. They are not one in the same, despite what some may think. I think John Beilein is an above average coach that should be evaluated at the end of the year, period.


So perhaps I was wrong.