Game 9: Michigan at Northwestern Open Thread


Every team has a game like this. Win and grow.


I think that this team needed a game like this.
Maybe us fans needed it even more.


Yeah, absolutely hilarious that people would be surprised about Coach being so thrilled after a poorly played game! Beilein sees the positives in things, good for him.


Too many!!!


All the Northwestern games.



Too soon Bart… too soon…


I mean c’mon they chose this picture of Poole?:


This should sharpen them into a greater team. Wouldn’t have it any other way


I’m very interested in seeing tape. I would be totally happy with a close win like that if they were hitting difficult shots, but the defense was getting toasted there towards the end.


Jordan Poole would have made it


Terrible memories! I was at that game.


Well… Johns has 1 month to develop before Conference play restarts. We need you big fella!


That was a “cement Michigan as a legit team narrative” game too iirc.


Eli Brooks is not afraid of big shots. Great to see…again


You took what I wanted to get across and said it better.


I absolutely detest Collins as a coach. It’s amaker ball with horrible sideline antics. I will say it is incredibly impressive how much he has increased the talent level at nw.


And he got the steal late, next to last possession.


Agreed. First time all year I went through stretches worried they can get stops.


There was really just a little period there that NW got easy buckets. Other than that NW just hit a lot of really though shots