Game 9: Michigan at Northwestern Open Thread



Let’s goooo!!


Worried this could be a trap game!


Will Matthews have a big night in his home town of Chicago? I do believe he will.


Officiating crew in Evanston today: Lamont Simpson, Kelly Pfeifer and Steve McJunkins


I nominate McJunkins for the best last name ever for a ref


Credit to Indiana, their FT defense has been elite tonight.


Listening in from Iraq. GO BLUE!!!


F*** Penn State for going for the tie here lmao


Thanks for serving.


The end of these games are unbearable. They review simple calls for upwards of 3 minutes sometimes, it is ridiculous.


This game is going over you already know.


There’s just no explanation for how this could possibly take so long.


Penn State covered the spread. All hail Vegas.

EDIT: Nope nevermind.


PSU was favored by 3!


Pretty small crowd at PSU.


That review took 3 minutes and 20 seconds. They weren’t checking possession, only when the ball touched out of bounds! Lol.


Compared to Penn State we’re a HUGE basketball school lol


Whoops! Just saw that. Still, definitely thought IU would win by at least five.


Welp, see ya Charles.