Game 9: Michigan at Northwestern Open Thread

Let’s goooo!!

Worried this could be a trap game!

Will Matthews have a big night in his home town of Chicago? I do believe he will.

Officiating crew in Evanston today: Lamont Simpson, Kelly Pfeifer and Steve McJunkins

I nominate McJunkins for the best last name ever for a ref


Credit to Indiana, their FT defense has been elite tonight.

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Listening in from Iraq. GO BLUE!!!


F*** Penn State for going for the tie here lmao

Thanks for serving.

The end of these games are unbearable. They review simple calls for upwards of 3 minutes sometimes, it is ridiculous.

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This game is going over you already know.

There’s just no explanation for how this could possibly take so long.


Penn State covered the spread. All hail Vegas.

EDIT: Nope nevermind.

PSU was favored by 3!

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Pretty small crowd at PSU.

That review took 3 minutes and 20 seconds. They weren’t checking possession, only when the ball touched out of bounds! Lol.

Compared to Penn State we’re a HUGE basketball school lol

Whoops! Just saw that. Still, definitely thought IU would win by at least five.

Welp, see ya Charles.