Game 9: Michigan at Northwestern Open Thread


lucky ducky jeeez


I think all I will remember that Simpson and Matthews did today was jump at pump fakes


We needed a game like this for the future.


This game never happened beat USC


Guys, in the end Poole’s D messed up their 1st option so they had to hoist a prayer. Defense wins!!


Happy to have plenty of material for the next 4 games.


I knew it the whole time! In all reality, that’s the best type of win for this team. PLENTY for the coaches to work with now.


I have no clue how Beilein is in such a great mood right now haha


Don’t burn the tape. Regardless of how these upcoming games go, they are gonna have some hard practices through the end of the month.


God bless John Beilein. Only he would take this post game interview with a huge smile on his face and say “does it get any better than that?” about the Big Ten games being played so early


Guessing that he saw this kind of game coming.


Can you imagine a red-faced Tom Izzo blaming his team’s performance on how stupid it is that they have to play conference opponents in the first week of December instead of Middle Tennessee State


Ya’ll know he won, right?




Tend to agree. Way preseason (pre-Spain) I had figured on 3 total losses in NonCon Play with 1.5 of them coming from Nova+UNC. Then one completely inexplicable loss as that’s happened before. The fact we’re undefeated right now is a genuine surprise to like… July me.


Win on the road and people are perplexed the coach is happy?!?! Hilarious



F’ing -2 second half line was a sieve


How many northwestern games within a few points over the years?


Take W…Go home!