Game 9: Michigan at Northwestern Open Thread


I still believe he saved their season last year with the two clutch free throws against UCLA. Who seriously knows what happens if he misses one of those.


Being 2-0 in conference in early December is a great feeling



Iggy has answered all questions regarding pretty much every part of his game this year. 23 points on 18 shots is pretty damn good against that defense.

Poole took some bad threes in the second half, but he had some huge plays down the stretch that were vital for the victory.

Brooks’ three was cold blooded.

I’ll chalk up most negatives to Evanston voodoo as we have a decent amount of data saying they’re probably not trends, but man… Simpson’s little stretch at the end was absolutely inexplicable. I can’t imagine a 25% shooter taking those shots is more efficient than driving it if he must be the one to use the possession.


I’d be curious what Livers numbers are at the 4 vs. 5. Sure seems like he just can’t get going at the four.


Shocked we only had 9 tos, seemed like we had a lot more


I will bet that Beilein told him to keep shooting the 3 if they aren’t going to guard you.


At the same time, Beilein took him out until there was only a defensive possession left. I wonder if it’ll come up in the presser.


The fact that he took him out of the game after 3 misses in a row makes me think that he didn’t want him shooting those


10 rebounds for Teske. He’s a comin’


You tell em! They won a road game in which they didn’t play well. You better not even smile, kids! Wolverheel is mad you didn’t light the place on fire.


If teams choose to play X that way and he can’t hit a few, then Eli subbing in is our only reliable counter right now. Sure we’ll scheme up some more…(I hope)


IMO, Beilein wanted him taking those, but he just knew he couldn’t afford him out there if he’s gonna go 0-5 while Vic Law plays free safety.


I love when people randomly hold like 2 year old grudges on internet forums lol.


His name is David Dejulius but he’s not quite ready yet


Either way, putting Brooks in was a clutch decision. People have had their concerns with him, but I’ll take a 40% three point shooter off the bench.


And I’ll say again, that hook and hold call is ridiculous. There is a difference between a blatant, egregious hook and hold and one that’s inadvertent and the result of players arms getting tangled up. You know which of the two I thought the Teske call was. But, yes, the stoppages In order to go to the monitor really stops the flow of the game, and at the end of the game it’s almost unbearable.


5-20 from 3.

The bench had at least 40 minutes and only 3 points.

3 points from Charles Matthews.

I can’t believe we won that game on the road…I give credit to Beilein for the Brooks over Simpson call. Gutsy move and it paid off.


Yeah. That would be great for the team. He’s a highly skilled kid and I don’t get to see practice…but tape from the games suggest we don’t get our hopes up quite yet…


It’s inexplicable that what Teske did supposedly warrants a technical, but obvious clear path fouls are basically never called.


Who knows if Beilein is okay with some of those Zavier threes. Obviously not the best shot either given his shooting struggles…BUT…I still applaud and love Zavier’s confidence and willingness to shoot. No fear to keep putting them up. He (rightfully) felt offended and at least wanted to make them pay. I’ll take that attitude for sure.