Game 9: Michigan at Northwestern Open Thread


Yea John’s needs spin up quick and Castleton needs to gain some weight. I had hope for Davis but I think he has regressed more than progressed


They called a foul on Iggy for Pardon and his teammate tripping over each other


Poole’s sorta disappeared since the start.


Simpson is killing me


Right now we are leading because we are out shooting NW at the line, 8/11 vs. 8/13.


Why why why why why why is he allowed to take that shot


If someone’s gonna be jacking up 3’s late shot clock can it be anyone but Simpson?


Ok Zavier, enough is enough.


No mas threes z. No mas!


I’m sorry this is unacceptable


Wtf is wrong with him. Stop shooting the damn ball.


What is happening!!!


“He’s a capable shooter”. No he’s not


Are we getting punked? Where’s Ashton?


Who s coaching this team and why is Matthews afraid to shoot?


Ouch first lead


3 straight 3’s by Z and all misses? cumong man.


Why does Simpson feel the need to keep jacking bricks?


WTF SIMPSON WTF are you serious right now?