Game 9: Michigan at Northwestern Open Thread


And early in the shot clock no less.


They literally aren’t guarding him.


That shouldn’t mean “shoot it” for Zavier Simpson


Simpson will hit the next couple. Law of averages


I shouldn’t have asked earlier in the thread why teams aren’t "Rondo"ing X.


That’s how to beat us apparently. Even if he goes 1/5, which is generous at this point, it’s a win for the opposing team.


Looked like Eli was checking in at the timeout.


Simpson at 22.7% from three for the season now. 27.4% over his career.


It is really hard to score 4 on 5 with Law roaming around in the middle of the defense.


Eli’s coming…


Northwestern is playing better defense than we are right now.


Lol is that better?


Z has gotta learn that he’s being baited but he’s thinking bombs away as long as he’s open lol


I would rather Simpson drive if they’re not gonna check him


I’m sorry, but I am putting that on Beilein, and Z of course. I would rather see him take five finger rolls in heavy traffic - way better odds.


This is going to be an infuriating game to lose if it’s not turned around.


Gut check time.


Call a foul on northwestern holy shit


I think we have at least 2-3 more capable options than early shot clock wide open Zavier Simpson threes. Iggy going 1 on 5 would be one of them. Poole 1 on 1 isolations would be one of them. I’m almost certain the numbers would back that up.

People have talked all year long about how this is Zavier Simpson’s team. If that’s the case, that stretch should be absolutely unacceptable


That’s a 2