Game 9: Michigan at Northwestern Open Thread


Z has to make an occasional open 3


Please, please don’t tempt Simpson to shoot the 3…


What’s the three percent tonight?


Two straight in and out 3s. I don’t think looks from Zavier and Teske is what we wanted trying to extend the lead.


29% on the year. 39% from the floor. 40% from free throw. Woof.


Lesson from this game. Keep to the 7 man rotation



Three of thirteen from 3 tonite.


I’m actually surprised the 3pt% is even that high… seems like I have barely seen him make any and watched a lot of misses


Simpson simply can’t take 3-4 threes a game if he’s gonna shoot 20%.


I don’t think that’s viable year long. If Davis is doesn’t improve then Johns has to develop. We can’t go 2 deep at the 5 with one being very undersized.


Oof! Maybe inside out from here on out?


Or get Johns up to speed ASAP so that he’s the 8th man and not Davis


Is that sustainable over the whole season though?


The NW defense is real and we aren’t going to line unless we keep driving.


Livers is -19 right now…


Wow that’s insane


Gotta take advantage of the man short on the other end, seems like that happened a couple times


Terrible foul Iggy.


Northwestern has done a really good job of sticking to shooters. Has there been an uncontested three from anyone other than Simpson since the opening 5 minutes of the game?

Edit: Hell, given that Poole was fouled twice even those were contested.