Game 8: Purdue at Michigan Open Thread


ESPN’s predictor gives Michigan a 42% chance to win at Northwestern.


Spit out my water on that one…


Setting aside “lulz ESPN predictor” comments. Northwestern IMO Has performed better than expected. But when I watched their game against IU today, I’m not personally convinced (EDIT: their offense) will work against our D. Still could see it getting interesting with a very cold shooting night and suboptimal officiating.


Edwards 3 assts & 5tos Simpson 7assts & 1to


Still haven’t given up 70 yet


Michigan now favored in all remaining games, per BartTorvik.


Lets talk about the real stats here about how per Kenpom UM is dead in the middle on luck (+0.000, ranked 169th).

But seriously, to your point, while that’s impressive, it’s hard to see an undefeated season any given season, but one can hope.


On the same note, Michigan’s Adj.D IMPROVED after the Purdue game. 86.9 to 86.7.


Offense up to 23rd too.


Saw that too, figured I should limit my transcription of readable stats at some point though :slight_smile:


I don’t have the privilege of being in practice everyday so I don’t know what is going on there, but I had similar thoughts. I think Brandon Johns could really help this team by providing a quality 6-8 to even 10 minutes. I know Coach B wants freshmen to really earn their opportunities, but man I think Johns could help us. We’ll see. Hopefully we just get past Northwestern on Tuesday and then Brandon, hopefully, can get some quality minutes in the next several games through Christmas break, and he needs to play with the top seven for more than 30 seconds or a minute.


That’s what we have been saying. (Some of us).


That is awesome…JB already has it printed out and taped on the wall! Watch how motivated they play next week!


I’m still a bit disappointed that we chose Davis as a 5 prospect alongside Teske instead of a more raw, athletic alternative. If Johns can eat into those minutes then it becomes a moot point.


Davis is a great kid, and he loves Michigan. I’m sure Coach B saw something he really liked in the kid, an upside he thought he could develop. I know he works his tail off in practice and bangs everyday with JT and Castleton, and Moe last year. But, man, I think Johns could help this team, and if he could learn to play both the four and the five he could really help with the great versatility this team already possesses. We would have eight good, athletic players with lots of interchangeability.


Johns is not ready yet. All of this talk about him contributing is premature. The theoretical Johns is what people keep talking about, but you have to watch his limited mins. He is completely lost in ball screen defense still. Even today, he turned his back after he hedged a ball screen and wasn’t aware of the drive coming right at him and didn’t help. He failed to box out a separate time.


He needs to prove himself in practice, then games to have a shot. Livers played ~14 mins today and is still a better option at the 5 than Johns is.


I’m sure he loves Michigan, but when evaluating a player I tend to ignore things like that.


It seems like most Johns talk has been related to his potential rather than anything happening now.


Agreed, I only mean his development this season will be important come march/next season.