Game 8: Purdue at Michigan Open Thread


slowing tempo isn’t bad as long as you make somthing out of your possesions


Agreed, just noting that the offense looked a lot more stagnant trying to start movement after holding the ball for a bit.


Teske needs two more rebounds.


71% on free throws. What?


Didn’t get much bench scoring today.


Charles and Iggy with quiet offensive halves. Neither trying to do what they do best. Not sure if that’s on our coaching or Purdue’s adjustments?


I’d like Johns to start at least getting Davis’s limited minutes… Davis hasn’t been bringing anything to the table


I would think it may have more to do with Haarms. Little too big for Iggy’s weird layup tosses to work as reliably (my guess). Charles not as sure about.


Dang Teske took out half the players on the court lol


Agreed… the more early run he gets, the higher chance he’ll be ready to play meaningful minutes down the road


The starters are looking a little tired. I would like to see the bench play some.


That’s when injuries happen.


Freshmen making free throws, yes please.


Great to see Poole go off. Who had Simpson leading us in shot attempts? 14.


50% from 3. 13/26
Poole 5/5.

Not going to lose with that shooting


Best reffed game I’ve seen in a long time.


84.6% on free throws.


And 11-13 on free throws. I don’t see us losing many games where we go over 70. Maybe none.


I’ve been quiet on the Brandon Johns train this season, but I do think if he can develop this season he will be an important piece in extending the rotation when foul trouble strikes and moreover next season. Optimistic scenario: Matthews goes pro as expected, but nobody else leaves. You can just move Iggy up to the 3 and slot Livers/Johns in at the 4 and may not miss a beat. Not expecting that to happen, but will watch him in the future with excitement.


Poole now 18/37 49% from 3 for season