Game 8: Purdue at Michigan Open Thread

Hail! Hail! Is the gang all here?

Officials for Michigan-Purdue: Terry Wymer, Paul Szelc and Keith Kimble.

Dan Dakich! How long until he says the greatest decision he ever made was to send his son to play for John Beilien? I’ll say second half.

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I’ve missed the ole Dakich calls :wink:


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That’s on Iggy there to help on the roller.

Don’t forget about the middle

Toughhh from Carsen. Great defense

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Best November ever.


Correction, it’s December. Ugh.

What a start!!!

JB offense when executing is a sight to behold


Theyre consistently forgetting haarms on the roll, lucky Purdue isn’t seeing it either

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How does Iggy do it ? He doesn’t look fast or quick but he can get to the bucket and score !


I am always worried about our starts. This was a good one.

lol 2.63 PPP


Charles Matthews doing a great job of chasing Ryan Cline off the ball.

Purdue trying to switch everything defensively but Michigan is just picking it apart.

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