Game 8: Purdue at Michigan Open Thread


Late, but I concur. Game flow was excellent. Most all the calls were good ones.


Wolverheel, understand it’s me, and I will always defend and support our players. If I’m going to suggest someone’s minutes be cut or question our coaching staff’s choice in recruiting a player I will find good things to say about that player’s attributes, too.

Not trying to start an argument or be contentious at all. I find those oftentimes to be fruitless on public message boards, but I’m not disagreeing with your assessment, either. I’d like to see Brandon Johns play more, IF that is what Coach B deems to be appropriate, but I can say nice things about the player whose minutes he will take while doing it.


I think most here acknowledge that Johns isn’t ready yet to be a regular contributor. But, many believe he can be the missing piece that takes us to the next level or keeps us from dropping off if there is an injury or foul trouble. I think some guys can only advance so much in practice and can really benefit from getting some game experience, especially with the starters. Check out Beilein’s post game presser for his comments about Johns and DeJulius.


Not arguing with you, Doc. :wink: I watched Brandon play in HS the last couple of years and I know he’s a player who can help us, but he has some work to do. I, too, saw what you saw on the defensive end, and I’m sure he’ll hear about it in the film session, but he certainly has some upside if/when he can figure it out. He has some things to work on, but he’s very talented with a great coaching staff to work with him. Then, too, he has X and Charles to push him. Let’s see how he looks by February and March.


The argument isn’t really for more minutes over the top 7… I just think he should get Davis’s 4-6 minutes… there is way more upside long-term


I think Davis will have more of a role against certain teams like MSU and Wisconsin where there is a traditional post presence. When Haarms wasn’t in the game, Purdue wasn’t a good matchup for Davis. In those instances Livers or maybe down the road Johns become better options.

More concerning to me is the back up point guard. They don’t seem to be pushing DDJ as much as Johns but each game I seem to like Brooks less in regards to being the lead guard.

Another thing to think about with the short rotation is we really haven’t run into a game where we have had massive foul trouble. What happens if Z picks up 2 quick ones? We really need to have another option there. We have options at the 5 between Livers/Davis/Johns.


Good point Champ, nothing replaces game time experience in front of a packed house and road games are a totally different experience. The game is still moving a bit to fast, big step up from HS, his defense will get him on the floor. These kids are young with huge upside.