Game 8: Purdue at Michigan Open Thread


70 or no free Arby’s!



Play hard for the next 3 or 4 minutes and put this game away.


Need all 5 starters out there together now.


Feels like a spurt from Iggynis the needed recipe to put this away


Noticeable drop off as a group with a Brooks and/or Davis in today IMO


Looking disjointed right now, lot of one-on-one ending in one-and-done possessions.


Losing focus here. A lot of standing around


Simpson isn’t having a very good game


Seriously now, what’s going on here? Simpson holding the ball way too long.


Taking the air out of the ball forces us into half-court offense which is not as efficient.


Poor ball movement this half as it seems Michigan players are taking turns dribbling the air out of the ball each trip. If coach said the first half was the best they moved the ball all season they have fallen back to the average in the second.


They need to stretch the lead and get stops


needed that


TESKE!!! Can’t stop! Won’t stop!


Teske taking over. 5 point run.


Ball is sticking badly now…Poole, Simpson, matthews…holding the ball or dribbling


Purdue has changed its ball screen coverage in the second half which is causing Michigan some pause… They are dropping Haarms more which left that pop open for Teske.


Just like that Michigan is back up 20. Crazy.


Back to back 3s. Game over.