Game 8: Purdue at Michigan Open Thread


zavier with that lean. only he can do that


Simpson in double digits.


I don’t think that’s totally fair…Purdue (typically) makes you work hard off the ball on D. I think our effort has been there minus a couple missed switches


We’re not even playing at our ceiling right now… lots of mistakes in this game, yet…still dominating.


Purdue dude thought he had an uncontested layup.


I think they’ve played really well defensively today, definitely not saying they haven’t. Just saying it’s not turned all the way up a notch like Nova and UNC. They’re at say 90% over 100% engaged.


Purdue can’t score without Carsen Edwards in the game.
Purdue can’t get a stop with Carsen Edwards in the game.


Fair enough! The bar has obviously been set pretty high for us all :wink:


I once thought this team wasn’t at its best without Livers on the floor.


Keep him on the bench, Simpson needs a breather.


lost the backcut


Crazy to think that Michigan could have another 8-10 points in missed bunnies. Up 20 and I’m slightly frustrated, lol. #spoiled


20 more doesn’t hurt either though :joy:


That is very true!


cmon livers, join the party!


Purdue finally playing some defense and Michigan hasn’t made a shot for 6 minutes.


Purdue has outscored us in the second half.


A bit sloppy boys


Michigan looking sloppy on offense over the past 6-7 minutes. Purdue hitting some tough shots.

Edit: Another ugly offensive possession.


not liking teske at the top of the key distributing the ball