Game 8: Purdue at Michigan Open Thread



Hard to ask for a bigger lead than 16 at half at the pace Michigan plays.


Yeah we’re at the point now that giving up 28 points in a half to a team with the best offensive player in the country feels bad


0.84 PPP allowed against the #6 kenpom offense.


More importantly we just put up 44 and had at least a 5 minute stretch where we couldn’t make a darn thing and missed two wide open layups.

Offensive issues seem completely solved


He’s running all over on, D takes its toll sometimes


When can we start the period to have the court named after coach B haha



Would like to see us slam the door on them to start the second half so that they never get any momentum going.


I expect them (Carsen) to make some shots, we just need to have answers to keep this comfortable


Purdue’s set plays are tough. Painter is great.


Charles Matthews laugh. Something incredible is about to happen


@umhoops hoping, regardless of outcome, that you can get video of Painter presser after the game. He’s one of my favorites.


Damn, Edwards is good.



I’d like to see us hold them to another 3-4 min scoreless stretch!


Greenberg nailed it at halftime though. After their original action, they have nobody outside of Edwards to get them a bucket


Only 4 fouls on each team. Letting them play or too much outside shooting?


Carsen edwards is… not good at defense.


Feels like Michigan knows they can get whatever they want on offense, so they know they don’t have to get fully locked in on defense today.