Game 8: Purdue at Michigan Open Thread


Charles Matthews the shooter!


Matthews is cold blooded behind that line


It feels like Brooks has a lack of concentration play like that every game.


Lucky this isn’t nba


Simpson threes early in the shot clock, even if they are wide open, are so incredibly frustrating


Iggy off the dribble! I mean my goodness


It’s like as soon as Purdue’s white shootist graduates he passed his shooting on. Cline was a nobody before this year.


That was pretty, Matthews to Teske.


Best shot for teske big nasty slam!


Jordan Poole was waiting to check into the game forever there. The under 4 media timeout is being observed with 31 seconds left in the half. Everyone on the floor looked gas by that point without a stoppage.


We gave up too many points in the first half. Need to tighten up the D.


Rough half defensively for us


When Poole and Iggy play like this offensively I don’t think there is any team in the country better than us.


Iggy… man, that was cold. Two great, strong finishes by Teske so far, too. Everyone in the first 7 is bringing such great things. We thought Livers was a shoe-in 30 minute guy because of his positional flexibility, and he is, but he has only played 4-5 min this half.


They’re playing decent enough defense. It seems like there’s a cover on both baskets at times.


With the way we are shooting, we should have a bigger lead.


Purdue runs REALLY good offense. Very hard team to guard. Not worried about the D at all


Having some of those bunny 2s that were missed and a couple turn overs back and man this would be out of hand!


Three legitimately easy bunnies missed. Slipped out of X’s hand. Charles was open too.


We’re up 16 and I found myself getting a little frustrated with how we were playing…Officially spoiled.