Game 8: Purdue at Michigan Open Thread


So much for worrying about a UNC hangover.


Ew. What is Dakich doing there?


That’s a Dakich staple, loves getting out on the court


I’m all for a Poole heat check anytime here.


Missing pretty blatant shots


Well that lineup disorganized!


Some regression was inevitable. Austin Davis… oy. He’s great in the post… unsure about elbow dribble drives.


Not that Purdue has a shot if we play like this, but Haarms is unplayable for them in this game


Livers for backup C, please


Some ragged possessions there. Overdribble and tough midrange from Charles. To be expected that we would fall off some offensively. Good to get stops during that stretch where we didn’t score.


Purdue on a 4:28 scoring drought at the under 8 timeout. Michigan’s defense can suffocate teams in a hurry once it gets a lead.


Iggy is so much better than I expected at keeping guys in front of him!


Making up a 15 point deficit versus this Michigan team must be hell


Carsen Edwards finally comes back in the game…


Not to jinx it, but we haven’t committed a single defensive foul in 13 min, while still playing great defense


Painter is not enjoying the torture chamber.


Kinda glad we didn’t get eastern


Man, two missed bunnies.


Jeez guys, finish.


Poole is weaponized now