Game 31: Michigan at Michigan State Open Thread


MSU is a better team.

Simpson shot way too much this game

I thought the auto-benching hurt us in the first half


It’s lazy to say last year we won because of mental toughness and this years MSU won because mental toughness.


100% agreed. Full on reversal. Not the end of the world or anything, still believe in this team on a neutral court. Just for whatever reason, MSU had their number this year - although we’ll see maybe in Chicago.


he’s incredible, he’s had an all time year by a b1g pg imo, considering the talent around him better than burke in 2012-2013 imo


Michigan kinda mailing it in.


I agree, it’s not “mental toughness”, it’s just who’s playing smarter bball…and msu has been smarter so far


Enough to be ahead.


21-26 vs 5-7 cue unlikely 3s and very badly missed open guy


You’re way overracting man. Nobody is saying it’s strictly to mental toughness. Lazy putdown.

In 2018-19, MSU played sharper, smarter and withstood the runs in these two games.


Lol, then they call nothing when we’re trying to foul. Man, at least make it look good, guys.


I don’t give a crap about playing State in the BTT. Exhibition games are not what matters the rest of the way.


actual fgs michigan favor


No Langford - no Ward no problem. B1G champs.


Gonna tip my cap to the better team and get something to eat. Congrats MSU. You earned it


Dear Jordan, nobody gives a shit about your jabs steps and fade-aways. Please work on your b-ball IQ in the off-season.


Winston is a great college player


msu earned jack. Great free throw shooting team.


Of course they did. Michigan shouldn’t have to play a perfect game in order for it to be OK to talk about that.

But, onward. They were robbed of the opportunity to compete for one of their goals, and hopefully that fuels them in their pursuit of the next one.


And not falling down after shot.


I’m not talking about offensive boards - I get the need to send guys back. But our halfcourt D can’t keep them off the glass.