Game 31: Michigan at Michigan State Open Thread

Roll call.

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I’m so nervous, I’m wondering if I’ll even be able to enjoy the game! I suppose I should get used to it- all the games have big stakes from here on out. GO BLUE

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Realistically I think the safe bet is to say MSU will win. We lost at home with a crazy crowd and with them down 2 starters. Hard to think Michigan will win this on the road on senior night without or with a not 100% Matthews.

I’ve been watching the UNC-Duke game for 90 minutes and I keep thinking its Michigan vs. State. Tight game with multiple ties and lead changes. Great plays and dumb turnovers. Drinking already.

I don’t know that the senior night thing really matters. We’ve lost on that night a few times (including 2012 and 2013). I think the biggest thing is just that it’s on the road.

One thing to note is that we were basically down a starter last time given how banged up Matthews was. It sounds like he may play and if he’s more effective than last time, that’d be a plus.

Officials: Terry Oglesby, Lamont Simpson and Keith Kimble.

On the other hand, 6 days of rest and prep … for a team coached by John Beilein. I like our chances.


This is only updated through last year, but it suggests MSU is the sixth-toughest place to play in college basketball; the Spartans win there 86% of the time. The home team wins 67% of all college basketball matchups.

So I’m saying we have a chance.

But they’ve won 0% of the time there against Michigan in the last two years.


We beat them at State last year !!

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Of all the games to miss, of course I have to miss this one… :tired_face:

It’s been an absolute delight following along with you folks all season. Can’t wait to keep it rolling in the postseason and let’s get this F*ing BIG Title!!!


Was this your prediction on Podcast?

Michigan starters listed as Simpson, Poole, Livers, Brazdeikis and Teske.

I only got Oglesby :rofl: Brendan missed all three at least.


If this Duke game runs over, is the best way to watch on the WatchESPN app? Or will they put it on ESPNU or something?

holla! i hate the grammar checker @umhoops

Have they moved tip back?

8 minutes till tip off.

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On duke game they just said tip off in 8 minutes