Game 31: Michigan at Michigan State Open Thread


Very frustrating watching Tillman tonight, he should be at um, I will say I never though he would be this good


this seems to be a trend in losses including the meltdown to try and get back in. im waiting for the 2 or 3 threes to come back in and the bad fouls for them to put us away.


Well there’s no excuse for this terrible defensive rebounding performance.


Where have you been Eli?


Worst rebounding differential of the season I believe.


I wonder what the psychology of the second half might have been if we had gone in up 10-12 as it looks to me like we might have without some godawful calls. They were emboldened. We’ll never know, and there’s no denying that Winston has been masterful in the second half but. . .


Need Mathews rebounding


MSU up 41-17 on the boards


That’s what I was saying up top. For whatever reason they had the mental edge this year. Michigan got rattled. Only team to really rattle them all year.


Hope we can play them in the tournament.


Can’t play physical when every time you breathe on someone it’s a foul. Another hidden part of how Izzo won this game by being himself.


Agree! Hate to say it, but Izzo has out coached him this game.


There are three excuses: Charles Matthews, autobench of Teske, and limiting MSU transition O.


Teske has to rebound!!


Let’s face it. Without Winston State is a sub .500 squad.

Just a consummate “make your teammates better guy.”


Well Duke got swept too by UNC so misery has company.


Disappointed in Livers play tonight especially on D has looked lost a lot!


It seems like last years Mich and Sparty teams switched: we were the team that just kept steadily comin and comin, while sparty was wayyy up and down and chaotic; now the roles are reversed


My god simoson 2nh hald gid awful bad


How many did we leave at bucket tonight