Game 31: Michigan at Michigan State Open Thread


I’m going to predict now we beat them in the big ten tourney. There is no way Simpson plays like that again offensively.


Seriously, at least do that.


Hasn’t been a problem against anyone else this year. You can decide why.


Yeah, good news is this whole team is gonna be back next year (by all accords besides mayyyybe matthews)…these guys should be very seasoned and be that much better in the 2019 season…I’m actually pretty effin excited about next years team


30 fts attempts last game 22 this time


Is the B1G really that good as believed? I’m damn interested to see the NCAA results.

Purdue and State with these lineups tie for title. Weird to me.


State will go down in the first weekend again. Any small school just needs to use U of I’s playbook and pressure Winston, and Izzo won’t be able to intimidate the refs at a neutral site where the crowd is rooting for the underdog. Purdue could go a long way.


Justice will be served when we outperform them in NCAA Tournament, again.


Pathetic performance for Michigan. Out-coached and out-played.


Football team and basketball team have the same DNA. Play at slow tempo, great defense, and in big games struggle to find points.

Great season still for Michigan. 26 wins, and will be a dangerous in the tournament depending on the matchup. It wont be easy for many teams to drop 70 pts on us. Would love for fate similar to 1989, being swept by the Illini, then beating them in the Final Four. Would be great to get back at MSU like that. But all in all, I think our guys are ready to get out of league play, avoid MSU, Wisconsin, and a surging Penn State.


I’m pretty excited about this year’s NCAA Tournament. It sure would have been nice to have the opportunity to compete for a conference title tonight, but the post-season is a new lease on life, coming off a humbling, and won’t be saddled with these conference refs. Every reason to think this team can compete for a title.


You probably don’t remember Scott Skiles for MSU.

Check out his SR stats with no three pointer either. Incredible numbers.

Kid made everybody better around him.


I just want this team to go back to the offense it ran the first half of the season…then eveything else will come together. There’s just too much offensive chaos and no rythm, not enough actual sets (Z driving under the rim and throwin the ball up right into a big man?!! For example). Play SMARTER not harder, and we can beat anyone imo


JMO, but I really, REALLY do not agree with the football-team comparisons. I would have liked to see more resilience tonight, but they made the FF last year and can again this year. Swept MSU last year. Got swept this year, but not by MSU. By MSU and three refs.


This game was lost when we let MSU go on a run with Winston in foul trouble.


I don’t think it’s so much a big game issue as that we’re just not an elite offensive team in general. We have droughts in a lot of games. Usually our D keeps us afloat when it happens though.


The biggest difference is the basketball team has delivered over recent years.


YES. Needed to pad that lead at that point. Should have gone into halftime up 15.


I agree with that, obviously this season is no where near over…but regardless, we get to see a hell of a strong, developed team next year; but it would be amazing to make a deep run again in the dance this year…they can do it.


It’s been a great season but this team has flaws. No bench, point guard doesn’t shoot well, and for some reason we don’t get the ball in the hands of our best shooters when we need to.