Game 31: Michigan at Michigan State Open Thread


So you wanted him to foul out by halftime?


If we play our game, we can beat anyone…but.for some reason this team goes into these awful stretches of offensive chaos. If you look at a line chart of this team’s O you’d see huge fluctuations up and down, for long periods of time…then if you look at a team like Spartys chart, it’s a slow, steady climb of minor dips and rises, which ultimately wins games in the end.


Different time in game. We had control and he was dominating.

Benching stopped him, not State.


Still not sure why that’s a foul either - both guys grabbing each other. This game was over before it started.


We’re playing badly but this total farce of officiating is insult added to injury.


Here’s to Iggy – great game, and a great job building his game back up over the court of conference play. The only people that could stop him tonight were the refs.


Agreed, the only positive tonight.


And the pine.


Poole has a knack for hitting late 3s, gotta say. Often too late though.


they have got to fix these problems for the dance


I’m disappointed Eli wasn’t rewarded with a little more PT this half. He was solid.


He’s been great recently…when the game’s out of reach…


Eli is on Cash?


Incredible that this State team, can jack us twice.

Just beyond frustrating and ridiculous.


Nice meat hook by Winston.


Eli always knows where to go.


No amount of film or metrics will change my opinion that refs totally dictated game flow and outcome. Sorry. Kept MSU in it while we were scoring the ball. Influenced our D with hesitation due to fouls. And fouled out our scorer with a two-way hook and hold.

Edit: MSU up by less than their made FT advantage.


Yep…I’m frustrated, but we know what this team can potentially be. Hopefully John hits the reset button and coaches em up like never before.


1000% this.