Game 31: Michigan at Michigan State Open Thread


I will never understand this. Why as an official, an adult human being, would you reward his bullshit? Call a T early, call another one if he keeps it up and the behavior will stop right away.


They have Cassius Winston and Michigan doesn’t. That’s been the story of both games


Seriosuly questioning our d on screen action


Stripes have been a big part of this one, TBH.


That was a foul on goins


jeez belein is just laughing at this point


Turning ugly here


If we had a defensive stop in the last 10 minutes, I’d agree


Old habits from the game in Ann Arbor coming back to haunt us. (SMH)


Be nice if they could get an offensive rebound.


Xavier Tillman is just a player. Forget Nick Ward.


Murphy’s Law.


Now enbarrasing


Down to my last glass.


We will get them on the neutral court in Chicago and win another B1G Tourney title.


Winston just eating Simpson’s lunch. No arguing about it. Can’t stop the kid.


Winston is undressing simpson


I’m starting to look forward to Zeb Jackson.


How does a tesm score on 10 straight possesions?


Glad we saved him the first half.