Game 31: Michigan at Michigan State Open Thread


C’mon Blue. Keep it interessante.


I’m not saying U-M will lose; that’s pathetic defense, though.


Not being sble to feed the post on switch is a problem for this team


Not a travel, but probably was 3 seconds (or 6 seconds).


no way is that a travel…


That right there is why we don’t throw it in, Teske is awful in post ups and we suck at post entry passes


Was that really a walk on Teske?


Absolutely not a travel! I am so sick of refs dictating the game. Swallow your whistles and let the kids play both ways


I’m shocked Beilein hasn’t been ejected yet


Is he allowed to jump? WTF. shut up dakich.


If they ejected Beilein and didn’t give Izzy anything that would be insane


My wife us about to eject me from house.
I cant take watching refs dictate game


Another terrible call. Wow…


The inability to feed the post is a massive factor is choosing to not feed the post.


Refs intimidated by Izzo again.


Clearly not emphasized in practice.


Refs favoring “HOF” coaches and all-star players. Teske got robbed and Dakich needs glasses. Can’t get back in a game when it’s stacked against you. I’m sure DB can enlighten me on the podcast but not tonite. Not fair whistles.


FK AUTO BENCH. We had glorious opportunity to blow this open in the first half and politely declined. Gotta go when it’s there.


Every. Damn. Time.