Game 31: Michigan at Michigan State Open Thread


John is always one basket late with his timeouts.


Maybe 3 or 4 in this case.


Third best defense in the country and we haven’t gotten one stop in 8 possessions


Couldn’t agree more…I hate hate hate that kind of management especially on the road


Carbon-copy of the first game.


Dude come on. It has nothing to do with mental toughness. Early in the season everyone was talking about this team’s mental toughness.


Have faith guys. We are not out of this.


8 minutes left…2 minute quarters. Need stops…this is JP and IGGY time! Catch shoot score!


Simpson taking shots Iggy or Poole should shoot


Need a sea change in momentum fast. Poole charge a lost opportunity for it to happen. Can’t have a lid on the basket after all that’s happened.


Winston has just driven right through us the last 2 possessions. Really missing Matthews right now.


I was shouting at the walls for one two baskets back. But we missed a couple of high percentage shots there, that were hard to complain about.


Nah man. Dont give up too soon.


Complain about the D all we want, but ultimately our offensive draughts is what kills us


Just keep Iggy on the floor.



Between the two teams, is what I meant. Not overall.

Michigan is no doubt tough as hell, but I think MSU is mentally tougher this year.


Winston is just a dude man. B1G POY.


why mess with a good thing?


Michigan State with 30 points in 19 second half possessions. That’s 1.57 points per possession.