Game 31: Michigan at Michigan State Open Thread


IMO every team has flaws. I haven’t seen Gonzaga this year, but if Michigan is on, nobody scares me. No more road games.


We made a series of unfathomably stupid decisions on offense in that first half. Shots we didn’t need to take - Z took a 3 during that run that there was just no need to take, Poole drove and beat his guy and got their defense all f’d up, but he really didn’t have a shot - it was closed down, but believe me something else was wide open - and he insisted on shooting. Lots of plays I could point to on offense in the first half where it was just like we pressed for no reason. Stupid. Second half overall play was just so disappointing, though.


The crowd and refs got to them. Auto-bench on Livers didn’t help. If the refs are going to foul you out, let them do it, not your own coach.


Yeah, I had a bad feeling when they scored the last six points of the first half. That was a missed opportunity for sure. Though I thought we began the second half in pretty good shape and got it up to 48-40 when we just went stone cold.


This team’s fate is inextricably linked to X’s lack of perimeter game.


Hope we don’t run into a point guard as prolific as Cassius Winston and a defense that switches everything


I thought a big sequence was when we played great D for 25 seconds and almost forced a couple turnovers but then lost McQuaid for an open 3 in the scramble and he drilled it to cut it to 48-43. We get a stop there and they are reeling again. Instead it ignited their run.


Dakich was saying early and hinting at it all game. Izzo worked the refs, and it was effective. Beilein is an amazing, amazing basketball coach, but maybe he should do more of this.

They’re kids. They shouldn’t have to overcome the refs. The refs should do their jobs.


In the biggest moments of game ( winning time ) MSU has Winston and Michigan doesn’t. That’s it. End of story. Goodnight.


I wish announcers would call coaches out for that instead of praising it.


I will be excited about next year’s team only when this season ends. No off-season yet. And this one hasn’t ended yet. It was a suckhole loss tonight. It bothers me; it stupefies me. Watching the little green gnome cry at his amazing coaching job chafes my nether regions in unholy ways. All dumb. All dumb.

And yet…

Big Ten tournament. We face, most likely, Iowa, then Purdue, then… third time is charm? Well, no matter what, NCAA no-worse-than-3-seed.

Games left. Tonight sucked. Last year, we were a 5-seed at the BTT, a 4-seed in the NCAAs. It can come together.

If it doesn’t come together, yep, much to look forward next season.


Yup, Izzo won both games. First with a legit great coaching job, this one by working the refs.


epic (+gratuitous characters)


Winston’s two games against Michigan this year: 25 PPG, 14-30 FG, 7.5 APG


We did defend him better this time, though the home cooking hides that fact.


I agree, but I thought he ate Simpson alive for the decisive stretch of the game in the 2nd half without many whistles.


You mean as far as editorial standing? Sorry; had a few beers with the conjunction “And”. I’m a believer in serial commas. Also, it’s the style I implement at my job.


Haha, sorry. I mean the forum app requires 10 characters. Can’t just say ‘epic’.


Do we really need Simpson taking 28 shots in two games vs State?

Including 2-11 from three.


Enough about Winston though. It’s not clear to me that Iggy wasn’t the best player in this game.

Iggy: 20 points on 7-12 shooting in 22 minutes. Got to the line 4 times.

Wintson: 23 on 7-17 shooting in 31 minutes. Got to the line 9 times.