Game 31: Michigan at Michigan State Open Thread


they have got to fix these problems for the dance


I’m disappointed Eli wasn’t rewarded with a little more PT this half. He was solid.


He’s been great recently…when the game’s out of reach…


Eli is on Cash?


Incredible that this State team, can jack us twice.

Just beyond frustrating and ridiculous.


Nice meat hook by Winston.


Eli always knows where to go.


No amount of film or metrics will change my opinion that refs totally dictated game flow and outcome. Sorry. Kept MSU in it while we were scoring the ball. Influenced our D with hesitation due to fouls. And fouled out our scorer with a two-way hook and hold.

Edit: MSU up by less than their made FT advantage.


Yep…I’m frustrated, but we know what this team can potentially be. Hopefully John hits the reset button and coaches em up like never before.


1000% this.



Very frustrating watching Tillman tonight, he should be at um, I will say I never though he would be this good


this seems to be a trend in losses including the meltdown to try and get back in. im waiting for the 2 or 3 threes to come back in and the bad fouls for them to put us away.


Well there’s no excuse for this terrible defensive rebounding performance.


Where have you been Eli?


Worst rebounding differential of the season I believe.


I wonder what the psychology of the second half might have been if we had gone in up 10-12 as it looks to me like we might have without some godawful calls. They were emboldened. We’ll never know, and there’s no denying that Winston has been masterful in the second half but. . .


Need Mathews rebounding


MSU up 41-17 on the boards


That’s what I was saying up top. For whatever reason they had the mental edge this year. Michigan got rattled. Only team to really rattle them all year.