Game 3: Elon at Michigan Open Thread

Agreed-very jarring. But if the additional confidence DDJ, Brooks, Nunez have shown there may be some benefits.

Not a great half but at least Michigan is doing its job on the defensive boards this game. Would love for the turnovers to stabilize but we’ll have to see where that nets out. As long as we limit live ball turnovers that should help.

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He’s having a rough game so far. Still loving the new eli.

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Low hanging fruit to say this, but DDJ really does remind me of Walton


Duke up 2 at half against Georgia State
Xavier up 2 at half against Missouri State

Me, I’m trying to stay awake for 2nd half of Michigan game

Sheffield is 6-of-11 … everyone else on Elon is 3-of-19.

Watching him rebound is eerily reminiscent of Walton.


As sloppy as it is there are positives. The 2018 class is coming along nicely. Love to see Nunez firing whenever they give him space. So far they’re rimming out but you can see they will fall.

Dejulius is going to be huge. Between him and Eli the backcourt suddenly is a strength. Just last week people were dogging him. I think one poster said “he isn’t good at anything” lol. Gotta love it when people give up on kids after a bad exhibition game and a bad opening night in the first year he gets real playing time. Patience folks.

Johns looking solid, still waiting for him to let loose though.


Looking pretty smooth right now

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Hey what’s with the wrapped right wrist on teske?

Dylan (or anyone), I didn’t have the chance to read the pregame material today…is Elon a team that typically shoots the 3 well?

Wow X had all ball on that.

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I love how X just kept the ball after the steal


They lost their top five scorers from last year but under the previous coach they shot A LOT of threes (half of attempts). Not sure that anyone on this team is really good enough to make a lot of threes though.

I missed the start of the half somehow, the app just skipped five minutes, what happened? Looks like they blew it open. Any deetz? Cliff notes?

Nunez got a stop, too. All systems go.

EDIT: I think that watching on Youtube TV is going to place my comments pretty far out of sync this season.

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Eli Brooks…

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Awesome thanks! My memory told me they were dangerous outside from prior years, but had no clue how much they were depleted. I’ll make sure to prepare for the game better next time, I’m very certain you pointed this out in the preview :wink:

I was wondering if Teskes dexterity was affected down low but I think that answered it. He may be in good position for tipins