Game 3: Elon at Michigan Open Thread

As college nicknames go, the Phoenix isn’t bad. I think the Elon Muskoxen would be better.


Game is on Big10. I’m in a hotel at an event and had to sign up for the 5 day free trial of YoutubeTV to be able to see it. It’s pretty sweet!


I’m at home. Down in the “man cave” with the big screen TV. It’s pretty sweet! :grin:

Go Blue!!! Not telling the coaches what to do, but I want to see some Cole Bajema tonight!

I’m on the big screen too!

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Next week I don’t plan to be looking at the Big Screen, I hope to be in the “House that Cazzie Built!”

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I’ll be on the small screen with btn plus ha ha.

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Checking in from section 207 row 40! Game time!!!

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That’s dedication! I had a gala event during the game at MSU last year and I ended up sneaking off to the bathroom to watch a good portion on my phone haha.


That’s why I’m driving over for the game from GR! :grin:

Ridiculous amount of turnovers here at the start.

Well, it looks like we’ll be in the bonus here shortly. It’ll be a good night to work on some free throw shooting.

Good or bad, Teske has a tendency to put a lot of mustard on those shots in close

Not the same clip from 3 tonight to start

Woof. Ugly start.

I’m ready to see Cole get a chance in Nunez’ minutes

Just stat watching. How’s everyone looking?

Um, Asleep…

What a down shooting night to start coupled with some careless turnovers makes for a forgettable first 10 min

This opening 10 minutes has been as bad as the last 10 against App State.