Game 3: Elon at Michigan Open Thread

The old playing down to the competition so far.

Teske has got to stop mailing in possessions on defense.

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Juwan needs to call time outs sooner and rip into them. This has been very lazy and uninspired. Taking the first look that’s there even when it’s not a great look. No energy. No one going to the rack. They need to bring the energy we saw in the creighton game and off of that alone they’d be winning,

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“Zac Ervin” plays for Elon!?! That’s too similar

DDJ looks like the shot in the arm that might get us going. Couple big buckets there


I’m surprised it took this long to see Johns Jr. This seems like the type of game he could thrive in.

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Looking like the 3 PG lineup should be the starting lineup for now. At least until Franz comes back or Nunez shows anything of value. DDJ is just as much of a shooting threat

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Definitely our best lineup right now, but as has been discussed a lot this week, it seems like Juwan wants him to embrace that 6th man role

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Livers hip ok?

I would have rather seen Brooks come back. This game is so frustrating.

Early in the season looks like the FIBA line is effecting Teske. Many of the 3s I remember him taking have come up short.

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DDJ has 8 and 8 in the first half. I did not see that coming.

Interesting point!

Eli Brooks dribbled away a chance at a 2 for 1 and then threw up an airball. Not good at all.

Jones Junior. Cool.

Good half for our sophomore class, the 7 turnovers is so hard for me to get used to coming from games the past forever it feels like where we would avg 7 for a game

These announcers are mailing it in to an egregious extent. I generally like BTN guys but this is rough


BJ having a nice game so far. Looks comfortable out there.