Game 24: Wisconsin at Michigan Open Thread


Are we going to hear from Iggy today? Running out of time to do something.


Seems like Poole is way better on catch and shoot than spotup 3s.


Teske likely didn’t think that Happ rolling off of his leg would be a foul.


Everyone is except James Harden


Matthews has been downright phenomenal in this half


What a pass by Charles.


What a play Charles and Teske!!!


You mean vs. off the dribble? spot up threes are usualyl catch and shoot.


Four on Happ?


4 left handed buckets by Teske by my count


Gotta stay home.


Iggy over helps


Iggy gets lost on D and Reuvers gets a three.


Knew that was going in immeidately


I would have fouled him while he was dribbling.


THEY CANT GUARD HIM!!! The 3 was too much though lol


Agree. Needed to wrap him up, but that’s very much against our nature


Teske has battled today. Great game young man


Simpson whyyyy


I was ok with that Simpson shot. Wide open. Once of these has to fall, right?