Game 24: Wisconsin at Michigan Open Thread

Officials for Wisconsin at Michigan: Terry Wymer, Lamont Simpson and Kelly Pfeifer.

I look for M to be ready and focused and hopefully not over amped like they sometimes are.

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Entirely different set of officials from the first meeting although Wymer was on the whistle for the Iowa game and this will be his sixth M game of the season. Third M game for Pfeifer and second for Simpson.

Side note: Lamont Simpson doesn’t call very many games these days (probably due to his age)…wonder if it keeps him fresh or if it makes him rusty.


Anyone know a WiFi password in Crisler? I’m tapped out on data and cannot follow the thread. :cry:

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I’ve sometimes been able to login to eduroam with my uniqname, but that’s it

Sheesh. Everyone on Twitter has lathered themselves up in Terry Wymer hate and the game hasn’t even started.


We can’t help ourselves Dylan. But keep preaching and maybe we’ll come around!

By my reckoning, it’s impossible to have one full officiating crew that doesn’t have a recognizable name that sets off any given fanbase. shrug

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Usually, anyone who happens to have officiated their last game against Wisconsin.

The infuriating thing about Davison being so cheap is the plays the super religious card while doing it.

What’s the under/over on the number of times Jim Jackson brags about his time in high school during this game? I propose 1.5

That’s part of his total commitment to the heel role.

What’s that stat about Iggy’s percentage when he misses his first 3? Not good for us, Iggy gets two open looks and misses both

How in the hell is Reuvers so good at defending the rim?

Felt like a big early sequence there.

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I’ve never seen a Michigan team this bad at transition.


Good to know Beilein proved himself to Jim Jackson as an offensive genius when Michigan put up 61 against Syracuse in the Final Four.


Just remember Wisconsin gets this rim in 2nd half.